Do you ship to Ireland? You can find them here: and I cant seem to find an underlayment that has enough padding to meet the requirement of the height of the already existing laminate flooring in the hallway. Thanks, Hi Jim, great question. Being a "floating" floor, laminate floors can sound hollow when walked upon. Waiting for the concrete subfloor to dry will be the longest part. You have been most helpful. At least I won’t have messed up the tile if they want to take the wood laminate out. I need to lay the entire floor area. You are welcome! A test with a piece of clear plastic and hydrometer has showed an increase from 43 to 72% humidity in approximately 10 days. We would not recommend this. We live in a 3rd floor condo, with a concrete subfloor. Hi Jody, thanks for the question. I need to separate the tackiness. Underlayment does two things that are critical to a successful laminate flooring installation:1. However, for most Pergo floors you’ll need to purchase underlayment separately. underlayment laid down on the concrete. That is a good idea, you can go ahead and install a vapor barrier such as Visqueen beneath your laminate, this will prevent the tackiness from getting on your laminate, and provide additional moisture protection for you. Bestlaminate Why do I need underlayment for laminate flooring installation? We would recommend using the Floor Muffler Ultraseal Underlayment. You can learn more here: Hi Robert, you are welcome! Another great option for muffling sound, the Roberts First Step has an air flow layer which is similar to the Kronoswiss® Pro Vent. Let us know if you have any additional questions! If a pad is not part of the planking, a 3/8-inch cork underlayment is a premium underlayment and can be used to help meet the required sound standards in such homes as condominiums and apartments. 3in1 Vapor Barrier Flooring Underlayment w/Overlap and pre-Attached Tape Strip – Bestlaminate. Why Do I Need Underlayment? DELIVERED. Your email address will not be published. What type of underlayment is recommended for all wood subfloor. Vinyl planks usually fall in the 2mm – 8mm range. The R-rating describes the insulating properties, so the underlayment will help keep the heat from disbursing. Hi Deborah, thanks for the question. In this case, you should be fine. The issue is that there was carpeting down (yes, I know, gross) and when I removed the carpeting, there were linoleum tiles that were coming up with the adhesive that was used to put down the carpeting. If you’re looking for something that will help to muffle sound, but won’t break the bank, the 3in1 Silent Vapor Underlayment by Feather Step™ is a great option. Let me know so I can make the purchase today. Could I use cork sheet as the underlayment for laminate floor? Hope that answers your question! Thanks for your question. This means the floor could potentially last for 50+ years. You should always use underlayment padding above the vapor barrier and below the laminate flooring planks. Any suggestions? Worried a little about condensation in the summer as well. streaky, just something to prevent dust-off from teh subfloor). Good luck with your installation. Please let us know if you have any other questions! Some types of laminate flooring come with an attached pad, while others require you to roll out sheets of foam padding before you lay the segments of flooring over the top. Would appreciate any advice. If you are installing your laminate flooring with the pre-attached underlayment over a cement subfloor, you will want to use a vapor barrier. What do you recommend? Hi- I am looking at installing engineered hardwood with a thick wear layer that can be sanded several times. I know the cork wont provide much softness or bounce but I am wondering why it isnt listed as I would think cork would provide excellent sound dampening, hopefully reducing some of the hollow noise laminate tends to leave. Your email address will not be published. I know it is not recommend to add another padding if the laminate have one pre-attached.. however is my concern.. Let us know if you have any additional questions! Hi Robert – that is a great question! If you’re already having moisture issues, I would look into finding a solution to the moisture before installing any flooring. You can check out all of our underlayment options here: For cork, we’d recommend still using a vapor barrier film, such as this: It’s heated with hot water that runs through tubing and is heated with a boiler. Very impressed with your site. I do not know about the exact products you purchased, as we do not carry those, so I cannot give you 100% accurate advice. I am giving serious consideration to the 700 sf roll of the Muffler Underlayment, however I would like to know if a sample is available? September 10, 2018 If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to post them in the comments below or give us a call at 1-800-520-0961! Yes, you will need to find an LVT specific underlayment.