Cedex This is simply the best loudspeaker that the company knows how to make, and I can only add that their best is dammed good. Official Site Graphics. The structure is extensively braced, especially the base section which includes a 100mm solid block and a welded steel frame which also acts as an anchor for the superbly engineered spikes. The panels are either 25mm or 50mm MDF in the central section, and doubled up for the baffles, to which external 20mm side panels is added which strap the separate enclosures together. Discerning music lovers will be able to fine-tune the type of sound, depending on the timbre and the power they’re looking to achieve. Florida Audio Expo 2020 Show From the Utopia III Evo range, Viva Utopia Colour Evo boasts a multitude of assets: extreme clarity in the midrange, high efficiency and power handling, and very low directivity on the horizontal axis for perfect phase and 3D imaging control. Our free Arguably most important of all is that it has superb self-damping. Finally, for the bass register, the acoustic wadding lining we included inside the enclosure has been thickened for even tighter bass with more control and increased precision. The technology that has been developed for the Grande Utopia Be is already beginning to trickle further down the extensive Utopia range, and in simplified form will eventually find its way into the lest costly Focal.JMlab ranges. The Grand Utopia is the latest step in this continuously evolving development—in essence, the field-test laboratory for the next generation of Focal drivers. The tweeter and two midrange units are arranged in a vertically symmetrical D'Appolito configuration to control vertical dispersion without affecting lateral dispersion. Focal-JMlab Grande Utopia Be loudspeaker Measurements Sidebar 2: Measurements The enormous weight of the Grande Utopia Be makes it difficult to move around, so the decision was made early on … Audiophile Contests Confronted by similar material, they will often simply reproduce the orchestra as a wedge of sound in space, and if you didn't know there was more than that on disc, you might never appreciate what you're missing. do not take shortcuts, and they certainly haven't done so here. Vertical (Viva Utopia) or horizontal (Viva Center Utopia), either in Home Theatre or Stereo configuration, it’s always efficient. Digital Source focused, in spite of (or perhaps because) or their exotic construction, which includes mains Cartridges, Etc Amplifiers They start to demagnetize at approximately one third of the Curie temperature. Whatever you do, do not try and cut corners when you are planning a system that includes these loudspeakers. This element of the design is called Focus Time, and the idea has been carried over from the original Grande Utopia -- because it works. Well I did say might. newsletter for monthly updates & enter our contests! Loudspeakers/ audioXpress I'm up dating my review. The bass and sub-bass units are similarly disposed, but with the much longer wavelengths involved, it is done for aesthetic reasons rather than to achieve time alignment. Fax: (866) 656-0686 Reviews |Audiophile In fact the domes are not uniform thickness, they're thicker towards the periphery, and thinnest at the centre (the opposite of what normally happens with other fabrication processes), which gives an obvious mechanical advantage at high accelerations. Focal.JMlab Grande Utopia Be Review By Alvin Gold Click here to e-mail reviewer. 2,350,000 kr. Apart from the 1-inch dome inverted tweeter with its 0.75-inch voice coil (see later), the drive unit complement includes two 6.5-inch midrange units that operate below 2.5kHz. We are proud to be one of only two UK outlets to have FOCAL'S amazing Grand Utopia EM speakers on permanent demonstration. TMD suspension: this technology provides a linear frequency response curve between 1 and 4kHz, while significantly reducing distortion in this range. To give audiophiles the greatest pleasure, the Stella Utopia EM loudspeaker features a 13″ (33cm) ‘W’ cone woofer and the Grande Utopia EM’s Electro-Magnet, which proves just as efficient in the very low … The prodigious 210kg (462 pounds) weight -- a six man lift Instead of implementing conventional headphone driver technology, Focal… (reviewed last Even at 25 microns, beryllium has enough stiffness to do its job properly, and has a sound propagation velocity about three times more than titanium. The shape of Utopia III Evo is still the same, just with a revamped, modern style. The several enclosures of the Utopia III Evo and Grande Utopia EM Evo loudspeakers are articulated like a spine. By continuing to browse our website, you … Grande Utopia EM integrates the Utopia III Evo line, with its legendary technological heritage. 4th order (24dB/octave) slopes once the mechanical rolloff of the drive units has been factored in. amplifiers. Review By Alvin Gold they're good they're good, and if not, well I am sure you get the point. here to e-mail reviewer. you will rarely if ever find otherwise. The result is that less of the reverberant energy loose inside the enclosure makes its way to the outside world. Focal asks on its website whether the Grande Utopias are the best speakers in the world. Focal Grande Utopia EM The third family of products to carry Focal’s flagship Utopia designation, this latest iteration represents not just an evolution of the technology and thinking behind these speakers, … The most interesting comparison was between the two amplifiers that were head and shoulders above any alternative, the Halcro dm68 and the Krell FB400. Report the Music.TV, Columns Maestro Utopia Evo now offers bi amplification, just like Grande Utopia EM and Stella. 4-way bass reflex floor standing loudspeaker, � 15" W-type cone woofer, 3" coil, 12x2-7/8" The mid-range register hasn’t been neglected: we have integrated our latest technical innovations.