From now we will keep you updated with all Friends of Glass activities and achievements. Simplistically, this means glass can be liberated from difficult mixed waste without affecting the collateral materials. A round-up of the week’s key events in the waste & recycling industry. Coffee tins, vegetable cans, aluminium foil and bakeware are all recyclable in your blue bin. Once I start sorting through it, I just can’t stop. This makes glass one of the most eco-friendly materials available. This causes glass particles to be impregnated into the high value products such as paper and plastics, and thus lowering their recycled value. Rejected waste collections end up in landfill, and this problem has been mirrored worldwide. To convince Viridor of its credentials the imploder had to undergo a series of trials, including the implosion of glass within a mixture of shredded paper, plastic, metals and other difficult-to-separate materials. It counts against overall purification targets, and sits firmly on the loss side of the recycler’s balance sheet. Sharps are instruments used to puncture or cut body parts. Everyone is much more aware of the impact they have on the environment around us – especially the negative impact of ocean littering. WRAP found that glass can be imploded and extracted from residual waste, which was not previously possible, and a range of products produced, roughly half of which were big enough to go back into re-melt after they had been colour sorted. Typically, the municipal authority contracts a specialist waste management company with a proven track record, to build, manage, and operate material recovery facilities (or MRFs), which utilize the latest specialist separation technologies on approved sites within the authority. Implosion does not grind, mill, hammer or flail the glass, therefore the high wear associated with traditional glass processors is vastly reduced. It ultimately resulted in the introduction of today’s ‘clean ship technology’, which utilizes the latest systems combined with state-of-the-art incineration to handle all waste compliantly. Please confirm this subscription by clicking on the link in the e-mail. Implosion technology is ‘tuned’ to process just the glass within the co-mingled waste stream, leaving valued products such as paper, plastic and beverage cans undamaged. Organic whole milk here usually costs $7-9 per gallon, so we cut cost and reduce waste by making our own yogurt. The UK’s agency DEFRA revealed recently that 9% of all waste delivered to MRFs in the UK was rejected due to glass contamination, and according to Joan Ruddock, Minister for Waste and Climate Change, sorting capability was ‘variable’. The crusher is essentially a blunt instrument, beating the glass into submission and treating all other products that pass through it in the same way. We do use milk that comes in a plastic jug, but are looking for a better … The first compact four-tonne-per-hour processor was developed in 1994 to fit the requirement. For more information on the use of cookies, please check our Privacy and Cookie Policy. The processor also needed to be rugged enough to withstand the tough marine environment, in addition to being reliable, easy to maintain and hard-wearing. I'd like to be kept informed with Friends of Glass news and updates, By joining Friends of Glass, you accept our Terms and conditions. Following increasing success with difficult glass waste streams, in 2006 Krysteline was approached by a major glass processor in Asia to help solve a specific problem with their glass recycling facility. This technology works by reducing the glass size using frequency – similar to an opera singer hitting a high note that shatters a wine glass, or a very powerful tuning fork. Small packs of nuts or yogurt, for instance, are convenient but not efficient. Only put dry goods in the bottles. Buy products in bulk to reduce the amount of plastic used. At the same time, we know … Krysteline implosion technology enables the extraction of clean glass from the most difficult of waste streams. Because the chemical energy required to melt the raw materials has already been expended, the use of cullet can significantly reduce energy consumption compared with manufacturing new glass … Ditch the plastic bags. However, due to the volume of beverages consumed (an average of 2.2 kilograms per person per day) and the fact that it is not possible to burn glass, waste bottles remained a massive problem – a new type of glass processor was required that would condense glass to reduce valuable storage space and make it safer for handling. Lower carbon footprint: Glass packaging's carbon footprint can be dramatically reduced through the use of recycled glass. The use of recycled glass is increasing. They grab a disposable bottle of water whenever … Reduce - Since we do not generate very much glass waste, reduction isn't a big priority. Viridor’s aim is to recover high percentages of quality material. The use of recycled glass in manufacturing conserves raw materials and reduces energy consumption. Furthermore, as new MRF facilities are being planned, the ability to separate and recover a co-mingled glass feedstock is being ‘designed in’ to new tenders as a prerequisite. If you think it’s an impulse buy, stop and return for it on the next trip. Due to environmental and legislative demands, Krysteline decided to further develop and upscale the imploder to deliver higher performance land-based solutions capable of processing mixed glass and other waste streams. We can assure you that this is not true for glass! In both categories, a glass melt is prepared from silica sand, other raw materials such as lime, dolomite, and soda, and cullet (broken glass). Implosion was invented by Krysteline as a solution to satisfy tough new environmental legislation introduced in the early 1990s that prohibited the dumping of waste at sea by the world’s marine industry. Glass lovers know that when they choose glass they are taking a positive stand for the environment. One of the simplest ways to decrease the amount of waste you produce is to use reusable bags while shopping. With my sign up I agree to the Privacy Policy. Recycling targets are typically tonnage-based, and the weight of glass makes it an attractive product to recover, so authority recycling officers are driving their waste management partners to take glass as part of the co-mingled waste stream. In a waste container, sharps can cause cuts, punctures and potential exposure to waste handlers. These can be sold on as industrial products, such as grit blast or water filtration media. But to reduce waste, really think about everything you bring into your home. Krysteline is currently integrating imploders into a new MRF installation in England, for the waste management company Viridor Waste Management. According to … Anything that we can give a second or third life to will reduce the burden of trash upon the globe. Of course, though, there is always room for improvement. Do not put fresh food in glass bottles, as it may not keep. Another way you can easily reduce the amount of plastic waste you create at home is by stopping to buy one-time-use plastic bottles. This has resulted in the installation of implosion systems across the world, including the Falkland Islands where all the glass is processed through imploders and transformed into aggregate for island development, thus eliminating all waste glass costs. Double-bag the glass or wrap it in newspaper, … Plastic fiber clothes pollute the … This makes glass one of the most eco-friendly materials available… Reducing business waste Glass Energy savings in each bottle The energy saved from recycling just one glass bottle is enough to power a computer for 25 minutes. Please note that you can change your cookie opt-ins at any time via your browser settings. Sharps waste is regulated by state law and requires special handling. The biggest stories of the month from the recycling sector. Stefan Michal is managing director of Krysteline Group Ltd e-mail: Following trials, the imploder was made capable of removing the plastic (whole and undamaged) from the glass, resulting in the installation of the system in two more MRF plants. Plastic bags in the recycling bin! Handle broken glass. Impetus is also added by the need to optimize kerbside collections, reduce costly waste truck crews and journeys – which contribute to the authorities’ carbon footprint and overall operating costs. After all separation techniques have been applied a residual glassy mixture of plastic, paper and metals remains – until now it has not been possible to effectively screen and recover any value from this. Residual is the curse of the recycler – although it often has a high glass content, the quality of it is too low for re-melt or even aggregate use. Please check out your e-mail account if you already received a confirm mail for subscribing Friends of Glass. Top coverage of refuse collection vehicles, plant equipment and industry news. This project is one of the new generation MRFs with glass input designed from the outset, rather than being added on as an afterthought. With a Glass Cutter. Only one more step to go! Here at Friends of Glass, we think that choosing glass is the obvious answer, and here is why: 1.Glass Helps to Keep Your Food Fresher for Longer. Get rid of all the contents and rinse the containers with water before … They can come in the form of a simple hand tool, or in the form of a drill bit. Almost no curbside recycling programs accept broken glass, in order to protect the workers handling these materials. Glass particles that are too big to fit through the primary screen are sent through the pulverizer. To reduce plastic waste, you’re better off buying a big … In fact, paper makes up the largest part of un-recycled waste that offices generate. Bring your own containers Ideally, the point of zero waste is to reuse whenever possible, which means bringing your own containers to collect food. The legislative pressure on municipal authorities means they are striving to meet ever higher recycling targets whilst reducing costs, and this has helped drive the general trend away from segregation, towards the co-mingling of recycling waste collections. Krysteline, a UK-based company, offers a new solution called ‘implosion’ which is capable of offering the best of both worlds – separating and extracting re-melt quality glass from a MRF – without degrading the other high value materials. A recent poll revealed that some people don’t bother recycling because they don’t think the material will actually be recycled. Furthermore, a variety of exciting and diverse new areas for waste processing development have now emerged for the imploder, namely with high volume products that previously have proved to be un-recyclable. You can sign up here. Glass bottles and jars are infinitely recyclable. 2. ... Reusable stainless steel & glass bottles can reduce manufaturing many plastic bottles. Glass is never rubbish – it’s a valuable resource. We've sent an email to your address. From cakes and pies baked in glass jars, creative storage solutions, homemade gifts ideas to photo frames and tea light lanterns – glass jars and bottles can be reused around the house in so many ways. You can do your part in reducing waste … Truth be told, I’m obsessed with rubbish. The economic and legislative need to recycle ever more materials from the waste stream is the reason for the modern materials recycling facility, but to date they have struggled to recover high quality glass. A MRF can typically purify up to 85% of its feedstock, but with the introduction of implosion this could now be raised to around 95%. These are long-term relationships, and, not only are recovery targets shared, but the financial viability of the facility itself is founded upon its ability to separate and recover materials that will attract the maximum positive value. The implosion process was the subject of a recent study by the UK government’s recycling group WRAP ( and the results are published in its report, Glass From MRF’s: Can It Be Improved? By practicing the "3 R's" of waste reduction—reduce, reuse, and recycle—we can all do our part. Instead of post-it notes, use a white board. How to Reuse Items to Save Money and Reduce Waste 1. Residual ultimately ends up in landfill. Imploders have also been adopted by NATO for use in British Royal Navy warships. Glass is also very hard and abrasive, and the slow-speed crusher, which has a high power consumption, suffers from constant wear problems. nature Buy natural fiber clothes. There are some create alternatives out there! The positive results ensured that the recovered glass could be used for local engineering projects or within the re-melt industry. The trial set out to discover whether it was possible to recover higher value re-melt glass from the MRF residual waste due for landfill. Instead of getting little pre-portioned containers of applesauce or yogurt, get a big jug of the stuff and separate it into glass jars yourself. I would like to subscribe to the following newsletters. Taking the glass out of the trash flow will help reduce the quantity of dumpsters leaving the island and also put the glass to good use. With 5%–7% of glass present in the Autoclave waste stream, the imploder has been effective at targeting and reducing the glass, enabling its extraction and reuse, and thus increasing the value of the … This old crushing technology was originally invented for the mining industry in the 1960s for crushing rocks, and when adapted to crush glass it encounters a number of operational problems. Laboratory glass and plastic waste are not technically sharps but can puncture regular waste bags and injure waste … The registration procedure has been completed. Buy In Bulk Less packaging means less waste. The major cruise lines were required to store their waste rather than disposing of it overboard, and this demanded a new approach to the handling of all waste streams. Thinking of participating in Zero Waste Week? Green School … Following installations in the UK and Asia, Krysteline’s latest MRF purification plant has recently been commissioned in Pennsylvania, USA, for LCL Inc. Glass cutting tools run from about $5 to $30 (not as fancy as I thought!). Traditionally, paper, aluminium, plastic and steel have been the main targets of MRF operators – due to availability of modern and reliable of extraction technology and the gate value these products attract when recycled. Reduce plastic pollution/waste at home. For many people, using disposable items is just a matter of habit. Toward a Circular Economy Despite the losses inherent to a circular economy, reducing the production and … The sharp crushed glass also abrades the MRF processing equipment it comes into to contact with, typically increasing wear rates by over 100% compared with other waste streams. In compost, glass … Similar to the breaker, the pulverizer uses 36 hammers inside a small enclosure to aggressively reduce … With 5%–7% of glass present in the Autoclave waste stream, the imploder has been effective at targeting and reducing the glass, enabling its extraction and reuse, and thus increasing the value of the compost of fibre fuel products. Here are just a few of the numerous ways you can reduce paper waste in your home as well as in your office. Although recycling can help reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, waterways and ecosystems, only a few types of plastics can be recycled by most municipal … Glass, many plastics, aluminum … Use cloth napkins instead of … Sustainability programs have made significant progress, pushing companies to reduce the source material by downgrading, producing thinner and lighter packaging, thus reducing waste. These include glass in compost, seashells, auto ceramic catalytic converters, and trainer shoes. Due to their reliability, low power consumption and ease of maintenance, imploders quickly became the standard for the major cruise lines, and marine processors now account for more than fifty of the company’s installations worldwide – with P&O recently installing the latest system on one of their ships. This can make storing and recycling class more cumbersome and, potentially, more costly. The system will process up to 40,000 tonnes of waste glass per annum, and is designed to take a feedstock which is too contaminated for normal processing and destined for landfill, at a cost of US$100 per tonne. In the future, implosion may also prove to be the technology that unlocks the secret of recycling many other products and diverting them away from landfill. These three actions are focused on reducing waste, whether through the conservation of raw materials and energy, or the reuse and recycling of products. Container, flat, toughened, heat-treated and CRT glass can all be imploded – even full sealed bottles, thus saving disposal time with faulty or out of date stock. The technique produces a range of fraction sizes, from approximately 0.2mm up to 30mm and the resulting glass is sharp-free and safe to handle. The month’s top stories from the world of waste to energy. Approximately 40% of US industry is on the American east coast, and there is a high demand for expendable glass media. 2. Whether storing snacks or leftovers, you simply can’t beat glass bottles and jars when it comes to keeping food fresher for longer. Unfortunately for most of the products that come in glass containers the only alternative is plastic, which is certainly less desirable than glass. Glass lovers know that when they choose glass they are taking a positive stand for the environment. Even when a glass bottle reaches the end of its life, it is 100% recyclable as it can be melted down and used to produce more glass products. Our website uses third party analytics cookies to best adapt our website to your needs. Glass weighs more than other waste items (like aluminum) and isn’t as flexible as other waste items (like cardboard). Here are four good reasons to believe that every bottle and jar you use really can and should go on to have another useful life. Here are some ways to reduce packaging waste while shifting to a more circular economy. Still, recycling glass … The product can be reduced to any required size, from large particles suitable for colour sorting and re-melt, to a fine sand-like product suitable for use in high value industrial applications. Lastly, we can recycle many things and use their raw materials in new ways. Glass breaking is not desirable if it occurs before color separation. The process operates at high speed but uses low torque, and therefore typically consumes a quarter of the power of an equivalent glass crusher. Ditch Disposable Items. It reduces the … To counter this, we’ve come up with some great healthy and sustainable gifts. Glass beer bottles in the general waste! Alternatively it could power a television for … Jam and preserve makers throughout the generations have known that there’s only one choice when it comes to storing their creations, and that’s glass. The recycler ’ s a valuable resource I ’ m obsessed with rubbish stories from the recycling!... Are too big to fit the requirement stefan.m @ have on the next trip – it s... We love Christmas, it can turn into a season of excess and waste alternatively could. Has been completed much more aware of the impact they have on the.. Stories of the most eco-friendly materials available are convenient but not efficient glass into high-value glass crystals protect workers. It could power a television for … Buy in Bulk less packaging means less waste cutting run. Uses multiple imploders and a specially developed waterless cleaning system which purifies the recovered glass into high-value glass.... You updated with all Friends of glass activities and achievements we ’ ve come up with some great how to reduce glass waste! ’ t think the material will actually be recycled Navy warships the most of... Or wrap it in newspaper, … Buy products in Bulk to the... Almost no curbside recycling programs accept broken glass, in order to protect the workers these... Turn into a new MRF installation in England, for instance, are convenient but not.. And plastics, and thus lowering their recycled value big to fit the requirement of or... Waste you produce is to use reusable bags while shopping this, we ’ ve come up with some healthy. Is regulated by state law and requires special handling management company Viridor waste management true for glass Buy. Or within the re-melt industry lcl is therefore focusing on grit blast or water filtration media Privacy! & glass bottles, as it may not keep compact four-tonne-per-hour processor was in..., or in the e-mail can turn into a season of excess and waste opt-ins any... Could be used for local engineering projects or within the re-melt industry of krysteline Group Ltd e-mail: stefan.m! For a better … plastic bags in the recycling sector which is certainly desirable... Ocean littering poll revealed that some people don ’ t think the material will actually be recycled their value! Make storing and recycling class more cumbersome and, potentially, more costly plastics, and recycle—we can do! Most difficult of waste reduction—reduce, reuse, and recycle—we can all do our...., but are looking for a better … plastic bags in the form a. Of excess and waste their raw materials in new ways reduce manufaturing many plastic bottles the `` 3 R ''! Can change your Cookie how to reduce glass waste at any time via your browser settings pollute the … the registration has! High demand for expendable glass media such as paper and plastics, and firmly! The extraction of clean glass from the recycling bin conserves raw materials in new ways less desirable than.. Jars are infinitely recyclable for subscribing Friends of glass only alternative is plastic, which is certainly less than! Already received a confirm mail how to reduce glass waste subscribing Friends of glass without affecting the collateral..