The green handles control my favorite feature: the self propelled wheels! There are thousands of brush types no universal sizes. 15 possible causes and potential solutions . It might be way to corroded now. I took off the cover to the motor, there was some grass and dust in there, I cleaned it all out. Maybe it's easy, I also can't drive a stick shift but I might be able to do that too. So when the blades are spinning the load or impedance on the motor is less or I am not getting enough voltage to start the motor. Thanks again! Sorry if any of this seems obvious. I'm uncertain how to install the replacement resistor because it has terminals that don't fit into the snap-on clips on the end of the wires on the mower (see pic). Any number greater than two is just "a lot", or "many". This is a cutoff for when the handle is folded. You can also add thermal compound between the metal back of the rectifier and the metal heatsink its screwed into; this will help prevent it from breaking again in the future. Are they easy to replace? I don't know if anybody is still following these comments, but I wanted to shout out a HUGE "thank you" for your photos and information. I found an answer that said use a multi-meter and I suppose I could go buy one but then what do I do with it? Last season, it got left out in the rain one day. 03:02. Suddenly smelt burning. COMMON RYOBI 40V BATTERY PROBLEMS Ryobi 40V Charger Red And Green Lights Flashing. Headlights don't turn on, seems like battery not charged, but it is. I simply screwed the large "star" screw tight. Guessing that it failed in such a way that it sort of turned into a short. If not I'll post more later. Lawn … Very easy fix. Compare; Find My Store. A shorted bridge will trip the breaker.. -.-. Now it will not start. Battery is fully charged, start key is in, and mulch plug is in correctly. RYOBI 40V-Mower-Assembly-Start-Guide This step-by-step guide takes you through the assembly of your RYOBI 20 in. if anyone has info, links ect, like how to pop the contacts apart from the on off power lever from the motor body, and what not, please let me know, else I guess I will put the info up after I stumble through it and hopefully not destroy anything LOL. IT still keeps tripping the breaker. Search Help by Model. I tried using a different outlet--no change. Model #LM2142SP. For example, anthropoligists like to tell stories, of primitive societies they've discovered, who have no words for, and no concept of, numbers greater than about two. Landscape companies around the world have made it a standard practice to utilize riding lawn mowers in their businesses. 6,400. The battery is fully charged. It's only a short cord--an extension must be used. :-P Sometimes you just get lucky, though you wouldn't think it to look at the rest of my life! Now my only excuse will be "it's just too hot to mow the lawn right now!" Electric mowers never run out of power but are best used within 25m of an outlet. Pull down the bar, then push the button to start up the motor. The RYOBI 16 in. When the armature cannot turn it gets hot enough to burn the varnish. Start it up. At this point a multimeter would serve only to confirm the bridge rectifier is broken, and you might wonder at the value of that. Thanks for the original posts! Is there anyone that has come here, that has info on working on the Kobalt line of lithium ion battery 40v or 80v mowers? 5 years ago. When I let it cool down and switched it on, it only ran for about 2 seconds and cut out. 7 years ago. Most Common Problems. Perhaps they have to be attached with solder? Also for your electric lawnmower, it is starting to look like it is definitely that bridge rectifier. I bought a REEL . So I have a greenworks lawn mower model 25022 and when I try to start it up it starts for a quick second then trips circuit breaker. they still look new. Recharge the battery if the mower will not start -- or stops suddenly while operating. I had to change out the run capacitor on my house's AC, and I had a burnt contact--I stripped the wire and crimped a new contact on there and now it's going great. Snapper XD 82V Max StepSense: Best self-propelled electric lawn mower. Hope this at least gives you a starting point, I know lots of things could be wrong, but sometimes the answer is really simple and just takes some trial and error. Which bridge capacitor did you buy? This worked on my mower as well. Switched off the mower and flipped it over to see smoke coming from below. How to Fix an Electric Mower That Won't Start Step 1. I hear a slight hum and one subtle click when I try to start it for a few seconds and then nothing. I think Digikey has a zero minimum order, but I am not sure about that. I don't WANT to know how to fix electronics, I just have no budget to do anything but fix everything myself no matter what it is. Anyway if that little black box can trip your breaker all by itself, then that's probably where your short is. ;-) Well, I mean it's not that hard, unless you have to explain to someone else how to do it. Kobalt 40-Volt Max Brushless Lithium Ion Push 20-in Cordless Electric Lawn Mower … But this is our culture, and people outside this culture seem strange and primitive to us. I guess that is why they DIScontinued this product. IT isnt that. That too, it seems you have figured out, without using a multimeter. Thanks for the conformation :) Those DC bridges are not supposed to ever fail, unless a cheep design engineer put a low current bridge in your mower. This is a safety feature for unauthorized use of the mower. :). Would this be the same issue, or is my problem in the switch itself? -. The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments. A good motor man could shape the brushes to fit.. You need some electric contact cleaner. Nonetheless, I claim a multimeter is a useful tool to have around, and you will probably find uses for it in the future, if you continue to follow the path of learning about electricity, and if the electric things you own keep breaking, and that's pretty much a certainty based on the perverse philosophy, of  "planned obsolescence", of the people who manufacture these things. I don't know how fast your grass grows, but probably the next move in this game is going to be to find a new bridge rectifier.