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They were sold off, including the main Allentown store, to May Department Stores and The Bon-Ton. Many of these national retailers are coming to South Florida looking to land a good deal and expand ahead of the recovery, he said. I guess the mall really is closing this time. Photo by the WPCNR Roving Photographer. other malls from different areas of the country have accused simon of doing the same thing to their malls. I remember that place from 20 years ago and remember it being closed and really run down for about 10 years. After the salesperson tried to get me to open a Sears credit card (strange thing to do in a store that is closing, even if there are other Sears stores open), I walked the mall, full of memories. The purchasing will happen indirectly. I guess we will wait and see. A sad sight. West Palm Beach, FL 33401. Debbi: Im actually glad that the Gardens mall is doing good. grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! It had downtraded some but was still a real mall. Mix the tenants to include a post office, pharmacy, walk in clinic, lots of small restaurants/bars/clubs. George’s Music run down past the auditorium a couple of blocks and you’ll see exactly what i mean. SEAN Reply:December 23rd, 2009 at 8:29 pm. Will we wait until the last store has left the malls? I talked to the very nice cashier at Auntie Annie’s found out this stuff: took some with my phone (not the best) but it’ll give you an idea that this mall is on it’s last breath. At that time, it was merged with Borders under the Kmart brand. That would be retail suicide. TenPoundHammerOctober 17th, 2009 at 9:59 pm. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds). Im quite glad the Gardnes Mall is kicking some arse! In 1993, Merry-Go-Round purchased men's clothier Chess King, and Merry-Go-Round subsequently filed for bankruptcy protection. Its current owner, Simon, seems to be in the mode to just fill the spaces, with anything. Even if they revitalize it, I doubt it will lose it’s character because of the location. Then the murders happened. I was aware of nearly everything this article mentioned thanks to my perrents who are astute shoppers & taught me all these tricks of the trade. Besides, it would be a much better idea to cater to those who do live in the area, as well as those who work in offices nearby. Although only 2 acres, the property is at the gateway to the mall property. ), another plain old upscale shopping center won’t cut it around here. Sale. It’s not–the closed place in question is Mr. Pretzel. To say my comments are “totally false” is unfair. Of my generation of Floridians, we all thought that Jordan Marsh was clothing your grandmother bought to go to the Bar Mitzvah. Sale. Evan: You’re welcome and thanks for the info on the arcade/FYE. The people wishing to feel safer began doing their business farther away from the city limits towards the revamped Chesterfield Towne Center. Jun 10, 2015 - Explore Joslyn Castle's board "Historic Photos of the Joslyn Castle and Grounds " on Pinterest. The rise of outlet malls, Spieckerman said, has led to a whole new breed of shopper: the outlet customer. Dillards is history, they have closed the store at the Palm Beach Mall location. If you want to make the arguement that a property should be sold rather than left in disrepair, noone will bauk at that notion, but there are issues that we the public aren’t privy to what decisions are made & when they are made.  ×  Not just in Florida but, throughout the country. Hotels near Palm Beach Plaza Mall: (0.16 mi) Carinas Studio Apartments (0.20 mi) Playa Linda Beach Resort Aruba (0.19 mi) Holiday Inn Resort Aruba - Beach Resort & Casino (0.26 mi) Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa and Casino (0.26 mi) Marriott's Aruba Surf Club; View all hotels near Palm Beach Plaza Mall on Tripadvisor Yes, the murder rate has people battling for their turf but there is still an alarming amount of sporadic attacks in the city. Never mind, I found a Google Earth aerial image from 1995. Many of the bigger properties are empty. I’m trying to rack my brain of what went into the candy store space but for some reason coming up blank. Yeah!! ), SEAN Reply:September 1st, 2013 at 3:56 pm, @Debbi, No, not from Florida, but I do have family there. Some were doomed before they opened. I wonder why all the new construction when I see practically whole strip malls with vacancies–I can think of at least two offhand in this condition–but so goes the way of retail, eh? Over the next several years the store experienced many financial difficulties. Sometimes I wonder if these situations are a corporate problem or just on a property level with bad mall management.”. Now Macy’s is also in the Galleria as well, with the former Macy’s location being replaced with a mixed-used development called City Center & the former Sears occupide by a Walmart & Berlington Coat Factory. Thanks Evan. Really a shame but I guess this is progress? even better picture gallery of the Palm Beach Mall before demolition on thursday. TO BUILD AN UPSCALE OUTLET CENTER ON THE SITE IS JUST PLAIN STUPIDDDD!!!! They purposely let the mall fall into disrepair and one Simon official was quoted saying it was a cash drain and letting it go was best interest for the company. Jordan Marsh wasn’t even in the same league of popularity as Burdines. i’ll try to go there one more time to take pictures before it shuts down. Glad George’s Music has been spared. On the other hand, since JC Penney appears to be sticking around for now, that may just encourage them to take off. Nicholas (Tazretail)November 14th, 2013 at 3:25 pm, For the Walgreen’s closed in 2002 later a Candy store/Dollar store other Walgreens closest 2 of them was built in 1999 locally, The Target across which was a former Richway was rebuilt in 2008/9 , there is also a Best Buy which opened in 1995, 5 🙂, Evan: I did get to see the mall in semi-living condition, back in October 2003. Has anyone heard anything lately on when this mall is going to close? The Gardens Mall is a South Florida premiere upscale shopping destination. They obviously did with the exterior lol. i’m not sure, but did bbm get more traffic as palm beach mall went into decline? Aventura I know has gone upscale like Roosevelt Field, & is almost as large. Most stores I go into always have a few customers at least browsing. i expect that the mall will be torn down in the near future (minus jcpenny) and rebuilt into whatever. And of course, the high crime rate in and around Palm Beach Mall always helps to kill a mall. I was really bummed to see that, being as this was the first Charlotte Russe I had ever seen, being they hadn’t come to the Northeast yet when I was last in this mall (2004). Sale. Jordan Marsh was raised in 1998. Personally, I think that if people were scared away from Cloverleaf because oif those murders, they weren’t paying attention to what was going on around them. Here is an undated photo of what it used to look like and some of the more prominent stores at the time. Businesses fled almost overnight as the story would not leave the papers. The Gardens Mall boasts more than 160 specialty shops and restaurants. just browse this site and you’ll read some of the stories. Outlet Malls in Council Bluffs on Venator changed its name to Foot Locker in 2001, and Foot Locker maintains the trademarks for Kinney and Woolworth. I wouldn’t blame that one so much on any direct competition, but on the economy. In 1997, 300 of the remaining 460 stores were closed, and the company seased operation by 2002. or even on a non-parade weekend — say July 4 — what a good thing. They started at the Palm Beach Mall in the early 80s and eventually opened stores in the Boynton Beach Mall, Coral Square Mall, and the Fashion Center at Plantation, and they just kept going. Besides, Whole Foods is supposed to open in the PBO. If City Place takes over PB Mall, it would be a big success. the area for the the p.b. Its the same exact building as the one that was demolished across the PBM. Palm Beach Mall thrived in the 1970s and beyond. My family used to eat there every single Friday when we first moved to Florida from NY in 1991. Thanks for the update again Debbi, it is much appreciated. I used to work there when the mall was in it’s prime 1984-1986. “Not only can that sully their brand, but they like the fact that it’s blurring the comparison.”. Palm beach=Bleh Area (aka crime area). I worked in the Palm Beach Mall for over 7 years, and quit around 2001. And yes, I still think DD coffee is overrated. Both Georges Music and JCPenney are always packed. Downtown at the Gardens is an example of a good idea that was poorly executed. But Radio Shack…yeah, I wonder why they don’t just seal the entire JC Penney wing off, practically nothing is there and certainly little to no foot traffic. This “Florida feeling” helped define to the public what In 2000-2001, I worked at the Dillard’s that was there. For all those who post on here, who are on facebook, check out this group:, Jonah Norason Reply:May 13th, 2009 at 5:26 pm, But it’s improved ALOT you have to admit. Right now Outlet malls are on developers radar just like lifestyle centers were five or six years ago, it’s just cyclicle. The Ritz Camera is also gone, as well as Whitehall Jewelers and one of the cell phone kiosks. Sears is closing tomorrow and I got a great 80% off deal on a pair of pants and top. Debbi Reply:December 23rd, 2009 at 8:32 pm. It has a true feeling of doom. It took years to ruin the economy. By the end of 2006, all of the Tower Records stores in the United States were closed. The article from the Palm Beach Post on Dillard’s closing: @Debbi, i think wellington and cityplace did some damage to the mall. Where is the Under Assistant West Coast Sharp Promotion Man or Woman? Dunkin’ Donuts’ development throughout Polk County and the surrounding areas is part of a steady and strategic growth strategy, which includes expanding in existing markets while entering new cities across the country to help drive the leading coffee and bakery chain’s growth. They could do so much with this property. As of 12/11/11 the mall has been sold and will be razed. At least the original Mills concept offered outlet shopping, but Pittsburgh Mills like you mentioned is more in line with a full-price shopping center, and these stores could be found 10-15 miles away in Monroeville and Ross Park. Bob Markey Reply:July 12th, 2017 at 8:19 pm. a) Does anyone have a picture of the Center Court pre-Dillard’s? What kind of quote is that! just some questions and comments this time. Future home owner near PB MallApril 25th, 2009 at 6:20 pm, Selling PBM or Long Branch does not make sense to me. P.S. We’ll see what happens, especially with Clematis in yet another state of flux, but again, I’m not optimistic. an outlet mall in an established area is a bit of a risk, but i think it’s a better idea than a cityplace clone in this area, as the immediate area caters to a lower income bracket. IMHO, smartest thing to do once Sears takes off is to close the whole place off, demolish the mall (save Penney’s) and start over as an outlet mall or something similar. if it’s still standing by labor day, expect it to stick around for another year. The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale is a 964,423-sq.-ft. super-regional mall. Wondering if your favorite stores and restaurants are available at The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach, FL? Well, now it is my turn. By Justine Griffin, Sun Sentinel. Asked her about when the mall might close, she said she has heard it will remain open until 2010, then also 2weeks ago a security guard told her they will be getting letters saying it is shutting down in a few months, so I don’t think anyone knows what is going on. The rest of the mall, one closed pretzel place aside, looked to be doing well. Cloverleaf was already well on it’s way down when the murders occurred. Change the long term image of it being a “ghetto” mall! I don’t think Simon even knows what they want to do with it. I would like to say it would be ridiculous to build yet another one, but this *is* Walmart we’re talking about. Where are the radio station remote broadcasts of the past that used to draw traffic? To spend that much money to remodel it and then basically give up on it 4yrs later, it makes no sense! Unique among its competitors, Mizner Park is adjacent to an open-air amphitheater and the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Let me put it in another way. @Graham, I don’t quite get why an outlet mall is nessessary in that location since there’s a giant outlet center in Sunrise that was expanded a few years ago & has nearly every brand out there. If worse comes to worse the BID could buy a simple promotion segment on News 12 and promo the city progress and News 12 could run it. As I said, Florida was Burdines but Jordan Marsh, through Allied’s buying power and clout, gave Burdines a run for their money. see the nanuet mall article here for more details. Then, The Mall at Wellington Green opened up, and the PB Mall starting sinking faster than the Titanic. @SEAN, Debbi is referring to the lifestyle/residential development that was supposed to be built on Route 33 in Manalapan. to bill: It has an excellent location. Yeah, it seems the Sears wing always gets the short end of the stick. Every time I’ve gone there it’s been deader n’ dead. I have to disagree with you on The Gardens. And the mall itself is “quietly” for sale. The 90-acre site has some of the best interstate frontage in South Florida. I refuse to go back there anymore because it’s too upsetting for me to see it the way it is now versus then, when it was booming. Not only has the place not opened yet (despite the fact that it’s been 2-3 months since i was last there), but the only sign of life there was a bunch of cook uniforms hanging on a rack near a front window….hmm…. if you could manage to take some pictures that are current, i’d be greatfull. Thanks for the offer, I will probably go this week and use my cell phone to take pics. It was sad to see it die like a ghost town. Mondays here seem like Saturdays at all the other malls mentioned above. A mini city. I see all this new construction, while so many currently built centers sit with many vacant spaces. A few of the things they did were tear down the Lord & Taylor building, build a new grand entrance, reconstruct the main fountain, remodel the ceiling and tile floor quite lavishly (the old one was a typical dark brown tile and had that dingy look to it), and I believe that they also switched out all the lights in the outdoor parking areas (for reference, look at the 1991 picture in the article). Anyway, to get to my point, I just dont think this type of center would do well in a neigberhood such as where the PBM is located. I use to work for her before she moved down there. It’s fair to say its future is uncertain. I might have to go to get a pretzel, please tell me the closed Pretzel place is not Auntie Anne’s! The wealthy don’t flock in droves to Outlet Malls, so no, nobody expects that. Nearby is Clematis, part of the old downtown of West Palm Beach featuring restaurants, shops, the library, a “dancing waters” fountain that children love and a Green Market every Saturday during season. @Sean: WPB is actually pretty large, I’ve had to be careful when accepting projects that I don’t end up far west of the turnpike. The Jordan Marsh store was in fact razed between 1995-1998. I still don’t think that BBM is a terrible mall. Something else regarding City Place caught my I not all that long ago. In 2003, the chain dropped its male clothing line; in 2004, it filed for bankruptcy protection. @Gary, I remember reading a few articals in the past year reguarding Pittsburgh. WAKE UP LADY AND DO IT SOON. Keep them coming. my guess is less than 40, with the west wing already dead. I guess L&T sees the value of doing business here, hopefully this time they will take their time and study areas around here more. There also used to be Parrots in the cages that were a hoot, they were loud and talked ALOT. The store has closed and the mall was razed to make way for Palm Beach Outlets. I tryed but, they cant all be winners. I live in California now. Neiman Marcus Group but continued operating under its own name until 2001. but i need to see an announcement before i believe the pbm is shutting down, since the shut down talks have been going on for 3 years with little progress and a deader mall. This event (was) hosted alternately by Burdines…There I learned the rules laid down by the dictators of fashion, including Jordan Marsh.”. Bass Pro, a sporting goods retailer, and Ikea, the Swedish furniture store, remain keenly interested in the property because they like to be seen from major highways, real estate sources say. Let me try to give you a little insight on what’s been going on in the commercial real estate sector for a few years now. Much of the rest comes directly from vendors who produce a line of goods specifically for outlet stores. Conveniently located right off of I-95. @Carole, MAYBE YOU SHOULD ADMIT THAT THE “OUTHOUSE” SMELLS, AND SMELLS BAD. Edge suburbs that grew like crazy over the last 20-years are contracting at an encredible rate. The food court has only 4 open restaurants left open, which in itself is depressing enough. “The 1980s saw the infiltration of outside stores heading to Florida. This might be a little off topic but im not sure one of these new ‘lifestyle centers’ would do well in the current location of the PBM. Everyone seems to make that part town sound scarier then it really is. Is the new pizza place in the same space? Also, the area shifted demographically, and not for the better. Palm Beach Outlets is the perfect one-stop shopping destination. Oh and thanks for the excellent pictures Alan! Sears just can’t seem to generate the traffic anymore and their wings will keep losing storefronts. All this information you said could be the same said for Eastern Boca Raton when the Boca Mall was still there. This mall is being converted to an outlet mall. The bookstore chain started in 1966 by Bruce Dayton of the Dayton's department store chain family. Does anyone know if American Hero located in the Food Court relocated. (Side note: Never understood the hoopla about Whole Foods. Well, that was quick…I was at the mall this past Saturday and the discount furniture store in the Charlotte Russe space had already packed up and left. It is large enough to be called a mall. But then again, that’s just me. I think something did replace Taverna Opa but I’m not sure what. just a hand full of stores (low end) left. Or are there more deals with Wal-Mart or Target behind the senes. “There’s still a lot of population growth and diversity here.”. Charming Shoppes, which was started in 1940 was a Bensalem-based specialty and plus-size clothing retailer, operated Fashion Bug, Lane Bryant, Cacique and Catherines Plus. It was the third Target store that has been razed in the last year, as well as the Boynton Beach and Wellington locations which were torn down due to new Super Targets that were built in the area, both of which seem to be struggling today. West Palm Beach. Point being: Simon could have chosen to revive PBM to compete with Cityplace. IKEA would also be a good idea, shoddy furniture (have a 1-year-old dresser collapsing on itself) notwithstanding. Most of the middle class and above have flocked away from the area as well and usually don’t like to drive up to the mall. I would like to see the mall renovated. While on the subject of grocery stores, does anyone have pics of old Publix or Winn-Dixie stores in or around Palm Beach county from the 70s/80s? Lord & Taylor will return to South Florida later this year in the space left vacant when Robb & Stucky furniture retailers went bankrupt. Jim Lingle, an attorney for ORIX in Dallas, referred questions to Madison Marquette’s Chuck Taylor, court-appointed receiver for the mall property. At the same time, she wants the project to be compatible with the neighborhood and include amenities that would be of use to nearby residents. It’s served by I95 and the Florida Turnpike. “It sits east enough to attract shoppers who live in the condos around there.”. Spaces are either deemed desirable because they’re visible and/or amid better tenants, or sub par if they are in a dead or dying wing. 4. add in 5 more stores and that’s 38 stores and 7 kiosks open in the mall. The jewelry store has been there a long time also, as has the bike shop. Malls such as the Hollywood Mall, Twin City Mall, Cross County Mall, Delray Mall, Jupiter Mall, Boca Raton Mall, etc. But something else is happening. over the years there. Thanks for taking those! It’s a bit larger than I initially thaught & there are a lot of condos & townhouses for sale around the development. actually, there are quite a few stores between the center of the mall and sears (although it’s seen better times). I have never felt unsafe in BBM. It still exists, but it isn't in seemingly every mall the way it once was. Hey! But the neighborhood around it is dangerous. Executive Center Drive? Some woman was robbed there a few weeks ago while in the food court. if it’s still open come october, i say 90% chance of it staying open until at least next spring. I have noticed chick Fil a opening more stand alone locations around Palm Beach County. My visit took place around 8pm, and half the food outlets were closed for the night. Much of the recent growth in sales and profit among higher-end brands and department stores has been coming from the outlet segment, said Wendy Liebmann, chief executive of WSL Strategic Retail. In the mall itself, there was a movie theater by JCP (I think) Orange Julius and I am pretty sure there was a Taco Viva. Skip to page content. I doubt it, since the mall is about an hour’s drive south of Palm Beach and many people in Palm Beach County tend to avoid the Miami area. on another note, i see gnc and gamestop staying until the mall shuts down, they (and a few other stores) are usually the last to leave a mall. Right now, I’d say tear it down (at least in part) and place all the stores in one area, and build condos on the rest of the property…making it like cityplace. Though there are still many empty retail spaces there. Fashion Bug was the chain that founded Charming Shoppes as at its height had more than 1,200 stores. Right off 95, in basically what you would call the “nice” part of WPB. went to the mall again today…almost nothing on the west wing. I wish the Bermans all the best. In 2004, Ground Round's franchisor filed for bankruptcy protection and closed all 59 corporate-owned restaurants. location wasn’t great (you had to cross 95 to get there, nothing else really around the immediate area), area was already saturated with boutiques, it looked like a copycat cityplace without the established elements that cityplace had, and the not so great economy. Most of the abandoned restaurants have new tenants. Who remembers these stores? The first picture is a rendering of the incoming Palm Beach Outlets, scheduled for fall 2013. 🙂, Future home owner near PB MallMarch 1st, 2009 at 10:54 pm. i think downtown at the gardens was dead on arrival. They arent destinations. Fourteen years? Except for those restaurant combinations, I don’t think there’s been an arcade chain since the late 80s, LOL. doubt it, for two reasons. These days, access to capital is the ticket to getting any deal off the ground. I’ll be staying tuned to any news on the refurbishment or future development of the mall, as I know all of you will be doing too. Babbage's was named for Charles Babbage and opened its first store in 1984 in Dallas, with Ross Perot's help. The carpet has an old FYE design, and the facade also looks like what they would have. Freelance marketing projects…I have to test such things as who merchants are selling to, the level of service, if they’re pushing a certain project, etc. EB Games is the current incarnation of Electronics Boutique, first established in 1977 in King of Prussia mall and headquartered in West Goshen Twp., near West Chester. Then change PBM to something that is a great place to hang out. I believe ground has already been broken. If you go again could you take some new pics? How about turning it into big-box anchors…with a grocery store, a hardware store, and a Wal-Mart…but keeping the interior? I was there in 2008 and a lady at Sears said that the mall was operating under shorter hours because of the slow business. Some of the franchisees joined forces to buy out the company and started the Ground Round Independent Owners Cooperative LLC. So it’s safe to say they are going nowhere. Now it’s too dangerous to go.