The optimal dosage required to reduce cholesterol is 1.8 grams per day. dust. (12) Note that the average payment following the, (17) It is therefore recommended that for, (18) It presupposes that the functionally, (21) There is no longer any guarantee that the, (22) The comparative static propositions listed above can be tested with respect to these particular, (23) Biopsy tissues were fixed in buffered formalin and processed routinely through paraffin wax[, (24) It follows that a flow activity is one which provides, (25) This means we can add the constraint without affecting the, (26) Hence, the set of critical columns will remain the same throughout a sequence of tableaux, (27) This will force x i j to be zero in any, (28) This yields: In both cases the proportion is closer to the, (29) The egg is infective on the ground in about two weeks at, (30) In Sperber and Wilson's terms, it creates an expectation of. Gupta, A.K., et al. Take a look at each of the physical fitness components necessary for optimal health. Vitamin A is one of 13 essential vitamins your body requires for optimal function. Lapwings increasingly use rotational set-aside for nesting but this is not considered optimal habitat for them. Trying a swimsuit on is optimal, but if shopping online review brand-specific sizing. More study is needed to determine exactly how much vitamin D humans need for optimal health. Optimal-Sentence498 1 post karma 0 comment karma send a private message. Daily brushing is recommended for optimal coat upkeep to remove loose hair and prevent tangles. Examples were pulled from our literature database and sorted, but have not been approved by an editor. 19 examples: If the lower bound on the optimal performance index exceeds the upper bound on… The optimal time period to book a last minute sailing on Carnival Cruise Line is 60 to 90 days prior to departure. The optimal solution is to choose a stress reduction plan to minimize the stressors, but that is not always an option. They're curvy, lightweight, and provide an optimal view. That this effect is eventually produced even at optimal temperatures is evident from an examination of the wood-work within the upper room. Sometimes having someone help you adjust your mask can be very beneficial in getting the optimal fit. Many supplements are recommended for optimal nutrition. HiPath 8000 is also the optimal communications solution for customers with hosted systems, service integrators or service providers. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamin D is 400 IU, but bear in mind that the RDA refers to the bare minimum scientists believe is needed to ward off deficiency diseases, not the optimal amount for health. The flag was aflutter in the air. It works by increasing your metabolism and gives your body a burst of energy, which is why it is often fused with caffeine to give you optimal results. There is no optimal number of players that make the game more enjoyable. Taking the medication as prescribed helps assure the child's optimal growth and development. short-term fluctuations in demand made for less than optimal utilization. The Brain also has an optimal operation speed, a definite rhythm in which it works best. 241 sentence examples: 1. All Rights Reserved. Synonyms for optimal include ideal, optimum, perfect, best, peak, prime, top, exact, foremost and idyllic. For optimal composting, it is important to alternate layers of green materials with layers of brown compost material, striking the right chemical balance to feed the composting process. Optimal_Sentence_474 1 post karma 0 comment karma send a private message. ‘The optimal solution in my eyes is to have smoking banned in public places except for designated smoking areas.’ ‘What are the optimal temperature and light conditions for the germination of these seeds?’ ‘Nominating either more or fewer candidates than the optimal number costs a party seats.’ The definition of Optimal is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Sentence Examples. We take up to 30 unique measurements and evaluate subtle aspects of posture and build to identify areas in which the garment's pattern will need to be manipulated to achieve an optimal fit. This tag heuer Link men's watch is Radiant with a Flat dial, luminescent hour-markers and monochrome logo Nickel hands for optimal readability sets every wearer apart. Under optimal conditions, these plants grow quite tall. The above tip suggests an average for a long sentence. Vitamin C is essential for optimal immune function, and eating a diet high in this nutrient can help avoid conditions such as the common cold. compost pile 's performance is less than optimal. If you only want a wrap style for optimal UV protection, you can search through those, too. Include all these subjects in your lesson plans to provide your children with optimal learning experiences. As a pet owner, you want to feed your dog a quality diet for optimal health. Viewed 1k times 2. Even more challenging is the problem of asymptotically optimal tracking of parameters which may change slowly through time. With the body resting for an optimal seven to eight hours a night, it is at rest in a horizontal position for a long time. Less than optimal intake of selenium may have adverse effects on psychological function, even in the absence of signs of frank selenium deficiency. As it experienced great surges of popularity throughout the year, the company's determination to create the optimal woman's shoe - one encompassing style, comfort and affordability all at once - came to fruition. 2. Physician, medical educator, and author Cheryle Hart claims all natural detox diets can help the body restore optimal alkaline balance, leading to improved overall health. Optimal Sentences for White-Collar Criminals RICHARD A. POSNER* Those concerned by the growth of white-collar crime disagree over the choice of a fine or imprisonment as the more appropriate sentence. Optimum damping on both channels is achieved by symmetrically winding the low-mass armature. The optimaltreatment is to remove the stones in both the common bile duct and the gall bladder. 🔊 During the hot summer months, the optimum temperature inside … Sentence Examples for optimal. For moderate to serious PPD, medication and counseling are optimal. The not optimal list of example sentences with not optimal. It can also be difficult for dedicated athletes to recognize the line between optimal conditioning and going overboard. Many yogis report optimal performance of this mat from its stickiness factor to its cushioning and support qualities. Example sentences with the word optimal. While a hair color guide can help you pinpoint your desired look, a professional and experienced colorist is your best option for achieving optimal results. FSII Jammer: A below-the-knee suit made of Fastskin, this suit offers the lowest drag available, high compression and optimal muscle performance. Recent Examples on the Web The conditions at FirstEnergy … RELATED ( 20 ) an ultimate way. Because massage usually involves applying touch with some degree of pressure and movement, the massage therapist must use touch with sensitivity in order to determine the optimal amount of pressure to use for each person. an optimal path. Having an overall plan for optimal health includes striving towards goals set as you consider your definition of being physically fit. 4. The thesis focuses on the development of techniques for the … Most cars achieve optimal power and fuel consumption between 2000 and 3500 RPM. The foam helps distribute the dog's weight evenly, providing optimal comfort for a restful sleep. Many other online retailers buy in bulk for optimal savings, and you may be able to find a brick-and-mortar store that does the same in your area. They did not consider day care an optimal form of care. Optimal definition: most favorable or desirable ; best ; optimum | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples It comes equipped with Panasonic's "Intelligent Auto" mode (iA), which determines the optimal shooting mode and helps correct blurring, focus, and color issues. Additionally, many people are choosing to follow diets and make lifestyle changes that prevent them from consuming the most optimal balance of vitamins and minerals for their health. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. When it comes to optimal skier alignment, these anatomical differences often put women at a disadvantage. The flag was flapping a Next of Optimal. They are designed to work together, and if used individually, will not provide optimal results. They provide optimal protection against harsh environmental elements, such as sun, wind and cold. Certain precautions must be taken, however, when growing plants in a greenhouse to ensure optimal conditions under which plants thrive. 3. Examples of optimal balance in a sentence, how to use it. Optimal; 1. The optimal formula which would encompass all these factors has not been proposed. Smart creams that let your skin absorb an optimal amount of sunlight. Clear Lenses: Clear lenses are un-tinted for optimal vision in low-lighted areas, or for nighttime wear. Wind tunnel tests resulted in an optimal mix of aerodynamic penetration and high protection. Like fruit, choose vegetables in a variety of colors for optimal nutrition. How to use optimal in a sentence is shown in this page. All children need regular and adequate sleep to assure optimal mental and physical health. The work will develop fibers with optimal dimensions and solubility for cell growth do deliver genetically modified muscle cells to treat muscular dystrophy. Using nutritional yeast helps them obtain enough B 12 for optimal health. Hence, the goal of LivOn Laboratories' researchers is to create vitamin supplements that not only contain a certain dosage of a nutrient, but also provide optimal bioavailability of such nutrients. This project involved optimal estimation of vehicle static weight using sparse noisy data from a small spatial array of pressure sensors. It's easier on the budget than a full meal, and it allows for optimal socializing and mingling between guests. It is so incredibly optimal, but of course it all comes down to taste and flavor too. In either scenario, you should mix it up with some cardiovascular training for optimal overall health. Both words refer to a condition or the amount or degree of something that is sufficient or desirable or ideal. (4) Thus, we will eventually achieve an optimal feasible solution. The Sona Anti-Snore and Mild Sleep Apnea Pillow helps snorers sleep on their sides while providing optimal support for the head and neck. For optimal health, equally as important as the amount and length of your workouts is the type of exercise you are attempting. The timing and progression of the sleep cycle and the total amount of nightly sleep required for optimal health varies from infancy to adulthood, depending on developmental stage and temperament. For optimum nutrition you may also wish to supplement your diet with a daily multi-vitamin. If you need a bra that has optimal support, look for the wide straps, underwires, and molded cups. It helps you understand the word Optimal with comprehensive detail, no other web page in our knowledge can explain Optimal better than this page. If you do not leave the house very often, you may not be getting enough exposure to the sun to ensure optimal vitamin D levels. 0 0 Obtain optimum value The aim on disposal of heritage assets should be to obtain optimum value, rather than the highest price. Breast milk carries the optimal blend of antibodies and nutrients, and as the child grows, the composition of milk naturally adjusts to a customized level intended to meet the child's needs. In this paper we prove un Find more similar words at! The Plutonite polycarbonate polarized lenses are designed to give you a optimal peripheral vision while blocking out glare. The conclusion is that to obtain optimal social welfare, part of the negative side effects, such as environmental pollution, will remain. an optimal equilibrium. The plan may be somewhat jagged because the waypoints are not necessarily optimal because they are randomly generated.