Taken on Jun. http://www.facebook.com/groups/savetu144group/ Concorde and Tupolev Tu-144 on Paris Air Show 1973 31 relations. Media in category "Tupolev Tu-144 at Paris Air Show 1973" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. The 1973 Paris Air Show crash was the crash of the second production Tupolev Tu-144 at Goussainville, Val-d'Oise, France, which killed all six crew and eight people on the The crash, at the Paris Air Show on Sunday, 3 June damaged the development program of the Tupolev Tu-144. 1973 06 Bourget TU144 (12).jpg 3,046 × 2,060; 1.16 MB On Jun. The second half of the 20 th century was all about the fight of the west versus the east. The Tu-144 suffered from reliability and developmental issues, and with the 1973 Paris Air Show Tu-144 crash, restricted the viability for regular use. This happened near the town Goussainville, six and a half kilometers from the airport of Le Bourget. On Sunday, 3 June 1973, the newly built Tupolev TU-144 Super Sonic Transport was doing maneuvers at the Paris Air show when it crashed. The crash damaged the Concorde itself last flew in 2003, but it was doomed since its only fatal accident in 2000, which killed 113 near Paris -- not far from where the first Tu-144 crashed in 1973. Arms races, fights for influence in several countries all around the world, a space race and to some extent, a race for the best commercial airliner to grace the skies were the main topics of that time. Aviation experts generally agreed yesterday that plans for introducing the era of super sonic air travel had been set back by the crash of the Soviet Tupolev‐144 at the Paris air show on Sunday. 3, 1973, at the 1973 Paris Airshow, the flight crew on a Tu-144 attempted to perform an impressive steep climb manoeuvre to wow spectators, but they overstressed the airframe while pulling their plane out of a dive and it broke up in mid-air. What Happened In The Tupolev Tu-144 Accident At The Paris Air Show In 1973? Tu-144 Crash in France On June 3, 1973, a Tu-144 crashed at the XXX Paris International Air Show in Le Bourget during its demonstration flight. Many hypotheses have been evaluated about the crash of the Tu-144 registered as CCCP-77102 at Paris Air Show in 1973. AircraftGuru**** - A Soviet Tu-144 aircraft crashes at a Paris air show in 1973 after doing some maneuvers. Here I'm going to report the sequence of all events that finished with the fatal accident, including each hypothesis.