UK motor manufacturer, Hybrid Marine, is offering a third option: a multimode system that combines the best of serial and parallel approaches with an arrangement of clutches and gears. Although the design’s top speed was 14 knots, the average speed around the globe was 5 knots. SEAtrailer is an inflatable trailer or self-propelled vessel that offers a whole new standard among simple inflatable vessels. Yachts. Length: 4.5 mWidth: 2 mMotor power: 50 kW. 182TR. Built with the advanced Torqeedo electric propulsions system, the yacht has a two year warranty onall electrical systems as well as battery capacity warrantied for over 8 years. 162TR. Our Boats. 152TR. 5 out of 5 Customer Rating. That’s a lot of technology to pack into space-sensitive hulls. A purely electric solution with solar panels is enviable due to its zero carbon footprint and low operating costs and various takes on theses systems have been gaining traction on alternative energy vessels. Number of places. Elco (Elco Motor Yachts) is the oldest electric boat motor company in the world, having been started in 1893 as the the Electric Launch Company to supply electric boats for the Chicago World’s Fair. AMain has electric RC boats ready to boil water at your favorite pond. Some well-known boat builders have already dipped their toes into these alternative power waters. Submarine. With the launch of the new E32 Chase Boat DOMANI creates a new yachting experience for discerning owners. The benefits are huge. Other electric boats (some with solar arrays) include the Q Yachts Q30 tender and the Secret 33 water taxi. DE-Whisperprop the new electrical drive system for boats. {{#each pushedProductsPlacement4}}, {{#pushedProductsPlacement5.length}} There are numerous benefits to electric motor propulsion including that it’s quieter, more efficient at lower speeds and less smelly. Races are held in a number of classes … Yachts. 0 MT is a solar powered boat for 12 people, ideal for tour operators in calm waters. The solar catamarans by Solar Sailor use the power of the sun, wind, and fossil fuels to move. The boat features a sleek and efficient hull combined with exquisitely finished mahogany ... MOGGARO PONTOONS Speed (or power) boats fall into the last category and have a number of different types and uses. Electric drives for sailors. Catamaran. You’ll see many of these in rental service in tourist areas on cocktail cruises along with their main competitor, Lear. Herley Boats is New Zealand’s premium aluminium boat builder offering unique solutions in power, performance, safety, comfort, and the only local boat builder offering Hybrid Diesel Electric power plants. Outboards Inboards Electric motors for kayaks. Whether your boat is electric powered or diesel powered, whether it’s kept on a marina or on a swing-mooring, it’s always good to be energy-independent. Jet Boat. Solar-Powered Boats. 24 VDC for onboard electrics Micro. Scale. Electric Boats. This article describes advances in electric propulsion for boats. 162TR. Vision Marine Technologies , formerly known as The Canadian Electric Boat Company, is the only electric boat manufacturer to use lithium and also the only electric boat company to offer long duration warranty and high technology products. Canada's source for Boats buy & sell. In 2015 Budsin reintroduced our 18’7” Trouvé launch. Electric boats When six-time Powerboat World Champion Erik Stark climbs aboard a boat, it’s often to rocket toward a gold medal at around 150 mph (240 km/h). The serial hybrid system integrates a range-extending generator. Since the energy crises of the 1970s, interest in this quiet and potentially renewable marine energy source has been increasing steadily, especially as more efficient solar cells have become These are the same batteries used in the BMW i3 automobile and should last 9 years or 9,000 cycles. With thirty years of experience in selling electric boats we are always happy to advise. Electric Propulsion… An Introduction. In this guide we’ll take a look at some of the boat brands, models, engines, manufacturers and propulsion systems that are beginning to heat up the solar, electric/gas and alternative energy market in 2019 – bringing sustainability to the forefront of the marine industry. The 19-foot ... 30 Foot Elco Electric Launch View the range of traditional Duffy boats seating up to 12 passengers or self-sufficient solar-electric Soel Yachts seating up to 30 passengers. {{/each}}. Large sailboats are under auxiliary power often, especially when docking, anchoring or heading out on long windless passages. Never before has it been possible to ride as comfortably in the company of friends and family as ... {{#pushedProductsPlacement4.length}} New Boats. Deck length : 4.9 m (16’-1") This article describes advances in electric propulsion for boats. Canada's source for Boats buy & sell. In sunshine, the cruising range is extended to 7.5 hours at eight knots. Suntracker Bass Buggy 16 DLX ETelectricsport-fishing 7 Pontoon Boat. Different by distinct design, digitally developed ... Alfastreet Marine is soon launching a new, premium class 23 Cabin model with a completely different and redesigned cockpit layout. Our main clients are nautical tourism companies and resorts. Fuel-efficient combustion engines for boats that support hybrid power solutions Year built - Length 5.3 m. No. Electric pontoon boat. We can help you navigate the ins and outs of pairing the right electric motor to your electric boat. £136.99 £ 136. Electric boat drives for professionals Reliability, efficiency and safety are critical when choosing propulsion for a commercial vessel - as are low and predictable fuel and maintenance costs. As mentioned, now that hybrid and pure electric propulsion systems have proliferated within the automotive industry, hybrid or electric boats are beginning to gain steam. Just like a Tesla that you’d probably not take on a cross-country road trip, a boat may need charging stations close together to “fuel” quickly. Power and auxiliary sailboats are typically propelled by inboard or outboard engines using diesel or gasoline fuel. Electric boats have been around since the 1880's. So far, most electric boats have been slow and small and had very restricted range but that is changing. Electric power boats use electric power as its power which replace the fuel generation. Also, we mustn’t forget the classic Minn Kota trolling motors that have kept anglers emission-free for decades. Yachts. New Yacht: Riva 88 Folgore . Another contender is Elco from Athens, New York, which, like Torqueedo, offers both inboard and outboard electric motors. Meanwhile, the most common design concept for wave-powered boats uses fins that move like dolphin kicks or a whale’s tail to propel the boat forward. © 2020 All rights reserved The Frauscher is ideal for areas where recharging (with ordinary shore power) is available and its system can charge up to 75 percent capacity in less than 1.5 hours. Swedish diesel engine giant, Volvo Penta, is promising a 2021 introduction of electric motors installed inline between their diesels and IPS pods, and is working with French catamaran builder, Fountaine Pajot, on a Lucia 40 sailing cat with hybrid power. The total cost of ownership of the solar electric boats is approximately 20% of what a conventionally powered vessel costs over the years for operational costs (fuel), maintenance costs (consumables, service parts, etc.) and rebuild costs (investment for new engine after several hours of operation). The fastest electric boat in the world right now is the SAY29E Runabout Carbon with a top speed of a full 50 knots (93 miles per hour). It seems the whole world is trying to ease up on their carbon footprint even if they don’t eliminate it altogether. Lithium-ion batteries are half as heavy as lead-acid batteries and last three times as long, and advances in their effectiveness and stability have been significant. Power sources. Solar-Powered Boats; Our Mission; FAQ’s; Contact Us; Select Page. Aftermarket conversions (which currently make up the lion’s share of the market) can use existing drive shafts and components so there is a cost-savings when re-powering. Torqeedo offers fully integrated, standards-compliant, high-tech drive … This elegant and silent designe boat is usable also inland lakes and rivers, where the use of regular motorboats are ... SEAtrailer (1) 7-person max. The Ace is a really stable boat mainly used for family cruising on rivers, lakes and canals. Pehn Bootswerft - Elektroboot Pehn Steuermann . THE COMPACT ELECTRIC YACHT FOR FAMILY EXCURSIONS. (Currently, the electric power package adds $120,000 to the Frauscher’s base price.). Showing slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES} - Shop by Type. electric saildrive and energy management system aboard the Arcona 380Z allows the yacht to motor at 4kt under solar power alone and a simple controller gives instant power with no clunky gearbox required, Rise of technology. After that impressive feat, the boat was donated for research. Sun Concept. Currently, two approaches are battling it out on the water – serial and parallel hybrids. We focus on providing visitors the most comfortable electric powered boats which used for small or large lakes. An ecological landmark among yacht builders, Greenline combines both traditional and innovative technology in their hybrid-drive systems. Boats are generally broken down into three categories: man-powered, sailboats, and motorboats. The engine drives the generator, which powers an electric motor connected to the driveshaft—there is no mechanical connection between the engine and the driveshaft. California-based Electroprop sells pre-packaged 6 and 21 kW systems that boat builders can drop into their existing engine rooms. The new generation of the most requested Hydraulic Hard Top Roof offers easier boarding and additional ... 18 Open model is designed for nautical enthusiasts who enjoy quiet and easy cruising. Primary propulsion for powerboats using electric motors is described and the state of the art at time of publication is laid out. Top speed is 24 mph at 2200 rpm. The adventure begins aboard one of ElectraCraft’s easy to use and simple to maintain watercraft. 15LS. TAGS: design future technology marine technology trawler. The Leader in Electric Boat Drives. With BMW i8 batteries, Moonwave uses electricity for propulsion as well as their large hotel needs, which makes it hard to stay completely electric for long stretches of time. Welcome your friends and family on board of the ultimate eco hangout platform Mana 23. Other players in the motor market include the Finnish OceanVolt, Italian Diesel Center, American Electric Yacht, and British Hybrid Marine. The world's first electric-powered hydrofoil speedboat, which reduces energy consumption and noise - as well as sea sickness - by "flying" above the waves, has made its debut on Switzerland’s lakes. To become an effective electrical troubleshooter, the secret is to focus only on the troubling circuit in question. Battery technology leaves electric propulsion short for planing boats, but for displacement boats, Elco’s electric motors are a bit smaller than the 6-, 12-, 20-, 40-, 70- and ­100-horsepower diesels they’re … Electric power boats use electric power as its power which replace the fuel generation. 4.2 out of 5 stars 76. Increasingly, traditional diesel engine manufacturers have focused on improving the fuel efficiency of their engines in both inboard and outboard applications and they’ve become an ideal partner in hybrid approaches. max. Torqeedo offers fully integrated, standards-compliant, high-tech drive systems at a competitive total cost of ownership. This is where quality is the priority and design is the difference! Beston, a leading amusement park boats manufacturer, produce different types of electric powered boats for amusement park, theme park and other water park use. Low Stock Offshore Lite Warrior V3 2.4GHz RTR. The adventure begins aboard one of ElectraCraft’s easy to use and simple to maintain watercraft. Visit our new blog. Low Stock Magic Cat V5 2.4GHz RTR. The ideal kayak fishing motor is quiet, lightweight, efficient and durable. Range-extending power regeneration may be accomplished by a free-spinning propeller, which is easy to do on a moving sailboat and can be accomplished by using only one engine at a time on a powerboat. electric (3) gasoline (1) Submit. When browsing the speed boats for sale, knowing what your needs and preferences are will help you narrow down the results and find the perfect item. Delete all. Designed for fast and easy access to the beach (from the boat) , or from the coast to nearby adventures. General Dynamics Electric Boat (GDEB) is a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corporation. Pontoon Boats for Sale in Ontario by owner, dealer, and broker. *Prices are pre-tax. Electric Boats; Yachts; Boat Kits; Boat Accessories; By Manufacturer; Boat Spares ; Boats for Beginners Electric Boats Rivos XS Micro RTF Boat. pure electric engines powered by large battery banks. 12-person max. React 17" Self-Righting Brushed Deep-V RTR. Lenny Rudow walks us through a Sailfish 275DC from bow to stern. Beam : ... Lindvart OÜ, an innovative boat-builder from Saaremaa, has fineshed designing and building a innovative electric boat The 162TR by Electracraft comes with sleek styling, avant-garde interior design, … Need more power? New technologically-advanced boat models are now making hybrid gas/electric propulsion not only feasible but enjoyable. Propulsive power - 480w Comparable petrol outboard - 3HP Proper use for boats with total weight of 1.5tonnes Integral battery 520 Wh Li-ion Rated voltage 29.6 Operating/stor A lot has happened since Ben Franklin first captured lightning in a bottle. AMain stocks ready-to-run models for everyone from beginners to pro racers. Solar Sailor Hybrid Boats . {{/end}} The day ahead was the centerpiece of Torqeedo’s “Electric Days” celebration, an annual event featuring a dozen or so journalists and a veritable fleet of electric boats. E-Boatique has electric boats for private and commercial use so whether you are 2 or 200 have a browse or give us a call to explore the options. 110/240 VAC for hotel loads on AC where boats are used differently, making it hard to build one solution to fit all applications. This combination of parts creates a hybrid; half sailboat, half powerboat. We focus on providing visitors the most comfortable electric powered boats which used for small or large lakes. Find your electric pontoon boat easily amongst the 3 products from the leading brands on NauticExpo, the boating and maritime industry specialist for your professional purchases. Professional Applications. 182TR. The Soel Cat 12 from New Zealand looks like a pontoon boat with a solar array on the hardtop that carries up to16 passengers. fishing (3) sport-fishing. The only electric water sports boats in the world, LTS Marine offers incomparable performance. Out Of Stock Magic Vee V5 2.4GHz RTR. New Boats. All; Auction; Buy it now; Sort: Best Match. It can safely welcome 5 persons. There’s also the problem of infrastructure, which is the same for automotive: What is the range of these new vessels and where do they recharge? Whisper quiet electric boats for private use, for hire boat operators and for waterfront hotels and resorts. SILENT-YACHTS is building what the company calls the first-and-only fully solar-sustainable, oceangoing, production yachts in the world. Electric powered boats: converted from petrol" The Lynch Motor for Marine: When considering an electric motor for your boat, one of the most important factors is the day to day operating costs such as fuel. Product Catalogue 2020. Electricity can be produced by one or a combination of the following: a combustion engine generator, a wind generator, a towed water generator or solar panels. The Sun Tracker Bass Buggy … In 2010, production catamaran builder Lagoon, experimented with a diesel-electric design but there were challenges, primarily due to insufficient energy storage (battery) capabilities at the time. Meanwhile, outboard manufacturers like Evinrude and Yamaha have been building larger engines with more torque but better mileage. Deep Blue Hybrid System. All of these models achieve industry leading fuel efficiency. The Tender 24 from Schaaf is a sportsman with style. She contributes to and, and also blogs regularly on her boat review site, The futuristic Swiss SolarPlanet cost 15 million Euros when it was launched in 2010 and circumnavigated the globe in 585 days strictly on electric power generated by the 500 solar panels on her top deck. Fast, clean, quiet and price-effective electric, hybrid and solar boats will soon be within reach of boaters everywhere. Quiet and efficient, the Trondheim 40 Trawler has been designed by the Russian Max Zhivov, who is known for creating boats with green credentials. She is the Chair of the New Product Awards committee, judging innovative boats and gear at NMMA and NMEA shows, and currently serves as immediate past president of Boating Writers International. While a significant majority of water vessels are powered by diesel engines, with sail power and gasoline engines also popular, boats powered by electricity have been used for over 120 years. Spirit 25 by RAND Boats is a Stylish and simple motorboat for your leisure activities on water, whether alone or accompanied. 12 VDC to “wake up” the larger batteries and generator/range extender Electric narrowboat motors are becoming common place, they are safe, green, reliable and wonderfully quiet. HP - Baujahr: neu Das Pehn eVARIO 530 vereint hohen Qualitätsanspruch mit zeitloser Eleganz ... £ 16,010. Zuzana Prochazka is a writer and photographer who freelances for a dozen boating magazines and websites.