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If you could measure the bass as per the directions in the blog above, I’ll be able to tell you exactly. This distance will give you the exact measurement of the new drum head you will need as a replacement. Finding a great bass doesn’t have to be a mystery. The sound is below 250Hz and between 78 and 105 dB, C-weighted frequency. Thanks for your question, yes if you send me an email to, I’d be happy to help here. Sounds like you’ve just got a standard ‘Long Scale’ bass there. Such databases contain measurements … So am I to purchase Short Scale Strings or Medium length ? In the “Fractions” columns across the top of the table, find the nearest eighth of an inch that matches the length of your bass. Thanks. A website by Bruce Johnson, specializing in Ampeg Basses, recommends : “40 1/4″ from the ball end to the end of the outer winding (the beginning of the silk threads). Scale length is the distance (usually measured in inches) from the bridge saddles of your bass up to the nut. Thanks The guy i got my kit off said it was 22x18 so thats what i ordered but, i measured it and it came to "18 including the hoops..... is that right? The Bass drum should be here from 2-5 days the site said.. but i dunno how to measure my bass drum. All Rights Reserved. Bass below the minimum size limit of 42cm must be returned. If the silk does start before or on the nut, it is a big no, no (see the image below). That's the amount of bow that's in it. The process is simple. That’s why guitars, which play higher pitches, are shorter than basses. To measure a drum correctly you should remove the drum head from the top or bottom. This makes the Scale Length 35.25”. However, by 2015 it was clear that the measures were ineffective and bass numbers were still declining and further measures were needed. If you lost track of all these dimensions, and wich to use best, measure a guitar or bass you know it plays comfortably. Thanks Now I know why my Roto Bass 40-5 B string would not fit in the post-Because I cut it! If, when measuring, your child falls into two different sizes between weight and length, then it is best to size up to ensure a better fit. Measure the distance from the bottom of the string to the top of the … Have you ever wondered how much your trophy bass weighed? If you use a lower tuning (eg: Drop C), a longer scale length means you don’t need to buy super heavy gauge strings. As always, we’re here to answer any further questions you guys may have so feel free to send us an e-mail or comment below and we’ll be happy to help out wherever we can. Many speakers fall down on this. However the grey just became a deeper shade of grey in my mind. Both are short scale bass. Size limits are generally based on the total length of a fish. Here’s a small table showing how their lengths compare to standard ‘Scale Length’ measurements. This article will teach you how to accurately determine the body size of your Violin, Fiddle, Viola, Cello, or upright Bass. Does anyone make strings to these specs? Not sure what to call that. When in doubt a fish's identity or legal length, play it safe, and return the fish to the water unharmed immediately. Post Jan 28, 2010 #5 2010-01-28T22:37. Phrases are divided into measures (bars), and measures are divided into beats (or clicks of the metronome). They will fit? Notice how the lengths can also vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Measure the distance between the bridge saddles. You will find playing 3/4 size basses less of a challenge than us short folks with small hands. LONG SCALE TOO LONG.short scale too short.. Rotosounds. What string length would be good for my 28.6″ scale Ibanez mikro bass? We try to specify the ball end to silk length on each set so as long as that exceeds your 35.5″ measurement you should be fine. I’ve taken a look at some images of the bass online and can see that the strings you would need would need to be fairly lengthy. Electric bass strings all share the same basic construction: a core wire (usually steel) has a wrap around it, in some cases made of the same material as the core but not in others cases. Hi Peter, unfortunately we don’t have any direct experience of that particular model bass. With regards to your strings being too close to the frets, it could be one (or a combination of a few of the following factors). If your child has small hands we recommend the CL44S slim neck classical guitar. This is particularly significant for flatwound sets. The length of the D’addario 045-130 standard is the same of your chart (36 inches)? Your email address will not be published. Correct Height: Let’s clear something up: there is no 100% accurate height. Hello, I have a 5 string bass with inverted headstock and some strings dont fit on the nut correctly because the length of the real measure wrap of the string. For cello, consideration should also be given to the student’s hand size. The speaking length is 34 inches. Squeeze the tail fin together or turn it in a way to obtain the maximum overall length. The Electric Bass Scale Length is the measurement from the Bridge Saddle to the Nut. Under 3’6″ 1/8 size 3’6″ – 4′ 1/4 size 1/8 size 4′ – 4’6″ 1/2 size 1/4 size 4’6″ -5′ 3/4 size 1/2 size 5′ and up full size 3/4 size. Bass guitarists can recognize a phrase by listening to singers — they tend to take a breath between each phrase. The ball ends to the start of the headstock end green silk windings is pretty much on 34″. I have another 5 String bass that the strings will fit-otherwise I’ll have to donate them to a worthy 4 String Player. If I remember rightly, on this bass the top four strings are standard long scale and the low B is super long. Hi Leon, thanks for the comments. To determine your instruments scale length, measure … Other than poor carpentry. So don't be compelled to purchase a 4/4 size bass because you think it's "better" than a 3/4 size bass, or you believe that you need to have a "full size" bass. Hi Rafael, Hey, Will the Hofner violin bass strings fit? Full-scale basses are long instruments and smaller bassists may want to consider a short-scale model. You could need more relief in the neck (this is adjusted via the truss rod). Although it cannot be used to certify an official weight, the length and girth can give you a good estimate of a bass' weight. In this handy guide, Nashville guitar tech and luthier Tony Nagy explains how the pros do a bass setup. How flat is the speaker's frequency response? That is the size of the head you need. Lee, ok. How to choose the correct bass size. A decent sound level meter will measure the full audible range of frequencies (usually down to about 10 Hz), but if you want to measure below this range, you would need to use an accelerometer. Right now I have an empty room I was planning to use but I could also test … 798. As I see the shortest strings listed here are the 32″ ones Hello – I have an Epiphone Vintage Pro Thunderbird and that means a 1960s claw tailpiece and a very big headstock – so the issue is getting enough winds around the G-String peg. For example, if the bass drum measures 22 inches, you will need a 22-inch drum head. Cello and Bass players should turn their instruments back side out and carefully place them in a stand, or have someone carefully support the instrument. Better well copied then bad invented. At the tail fold it to where the furthest part of the tail is pointing outward. Prior to getting a final measurement the caudal (tail) fin will be pinched shut. Share. Measure the bass to the nearest eighth of an inch. I can’t work out if i need the Rotosound RS665LD strings or the RS665EL strings. Head Circumference: Measure the widest part of the head above the ears. This image depicts the most commonly used measurements for fish. Logically, you would assume that this bass would therefore need a ‘Short Scale’ set of strings. Source(s):-B. I have a Warwick $$ Corvette 5 string and I always struggle to get the b to fit the neck – manufactures states long scale yet on buying various long scale brands I end up trimming way to fat into the B and it hardly sits in the neck. Bass… 314. Retune the bass to pitch, and take another measurement to get an … So if you are measuring a 4-string bass, you would divide by 3. our bridge is a 4-string, with a 57mm total spacing, so our string-to-string spacing is 57mm/3, or about 19mm. We hope this helps. PCBE12MH. I feel the vibrations more than hear them. 9 years ago. I had a epiphone viola and switched to Fender Bronco. Scale? Ideally i’d like to use the RS665LD strings if they can acomodate both guitars to save confusing things. I have an Ibanez Gio GSR 190 4 string bass. Pursuant to section 120.74, Florida Statutes, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has published its 2019 Agency Regulatory Plan. Hi and thanks for the message. In most tunes, four clicks of the metronome equal one measure, and four measures equal one phrase. Do NOT pull a flexible tape measure along the curve of the fish. Length - means the total length of a fish in inches, as measured in a straight line along a flat surface, from the tip of the snout to the tip of the tail.. Girth-is a measurement that is similar to measuring … Compare the two measurements you took above against the recommended … (hope that makes sense!). The most accurate method of ordering: Already more than 95% of our customers measure the required A and B lengths with our special tape measure (order here free of charge) in the instrument; then enter the data in the printed order form and send the handwritten data with a smart phone photo, a scan per email or fax. One question however, does it matter that the silk on the bridge side rests on the saddles, or doesn’t that matter as much as silk resting on the nut? Bass: Recreational Angler Limits from 2016 . Bass Cat Boats wrote: Engine heights are … My question is, can these strings be used for both these basses? The bass string landscape can prove baffling at times, but we do hope that we have been able to explain the concept of scale length a bit more here. hey, i ordered my new bass drum 3 days ago.... and i ordered the same series and hardware colours as mine. If you measure from the ball end of your string up to where it crosses the top nut, this would be ideal and give us a true representation of whether these would fit your basses or not. Also there’s a Lot mote tension with the flats versus the acoustic strings. Great bit of info. As with all things strings and musical instruments, there’s often some idiosyncrasies that throw curve balls into the mix so we’re here to help clear things up and guide you as you navigate your way through the (sometimes) murky waters of scale lengths. Yes there are dedicated Acoustic Bass strings but there’s nothing stopping you using standard bass strings, you just may not get the bright resonant tone you’ll get from Acoustic Bronze strings. How to test guitar pickup resistance. I also have an Ibanez SR305E-MSS which is a 34″ neck. a thru-body bass, you will have to do this exercise once the string has been removed. I’m learning this the hard way. The total length of a fish is the maximum length with the mouth closed and the tail pinched together measured from the snout to the tip of the tail. Will keep for future reference. Once the head is off of the drum then measure just the shell from the outside edge directly across the center of the … You’re welcome Sam, if you need anything else, please just give us a call or drop us a message again 🙂. I am measuring from the nut to bridge and coming up with 31.25″ and from Nut to first saddle I am getting 30″. Websites all seem to go for the scale length. This is the greatest straight line length (not curved … Would Rotosounds ELs do it? As you can see, this involves less preparation than ordering bass … Just in case you wanted to measure your bass before you buy this particular set 🙂 This measurement is analogous to measuring the circumference of someone's waist. Good for classical, flamenco, Spanish music. dblplasabre. 620 S. Meridian St. • Tallahassee, FL • (850) 488-4676 What are my options? Measure this at both the lower bout and upper bout. If you let us know then we’ll be able to help you out. Go down the first (left-hand) column and locate the row corresponding to the length of your fish in whole inches. It can also be determined by drawing a string around the fish at its widest point marking where the string overlaps and then measuring the distance between the overlapping points on a conventional ruler. For heavier boats, a municipal weight scale will again be your best bet. Unfortunately, there aren’t any firm “rules” on scale length that bass and string manufacturers stick to and as a result we often end up with conflicting interpretations of scale lengths where the length of one brand’s set will be longer than another brand’s, and vice versa (this is true for all scale lengths, not just long scale so it’s definitely something you should try to be mindful of). Not all bass scale lengths are the same so they are generally categorised into 4 main groups; short scale, medium scale, long scale, and extra-long scale. How to Measure Your Catch Massachusetts Saltwater Fishing. That low B won’t be so flabby and it will ring more clearly. Smallmouth Bass have a shape factor of 1100. In any case, the Rotosound long scale bass strings RS665LD strings measure 37″ from the ball end up to the start of the silk and the extra-long scale set (RS665EL) measures 38″. Thanks for your question, would you be able to send me some pictures of the headstock of your bass and I’d be happy to help. basscat35 . If you want to benefit from this improved service, please opt-in. If you do need to do this, before removing the string be sure to make a mark on the string with a permanent marker just behind the nut so you know where to measure up to. Measure the entire length of the guitar from the top of the head to the bottom of the body. With your free hand, use the feeler gauge to measure the gap between the bottom of the string and the top of the eighth fret (the fret wire itself, not the fingerboard), which is where the curvature should be deepest. A: Metal guitarists tend to prefer longer scale lengths (eg: 26.5? If you select ‘Long Scale’ most of the popular brands should be suitable. the speaking legnth is 35 1/2 inches while the scale length is 34 inches. Subtract 1/2 from this measurement. 1mm is .0393701 inches. Instead of listening to bass lines to gauge the evenness of your bass response, you just run a quick measurement and get a precise result. One of our staff members has a Fender Mustang. NELACAT. Also if you buy a longer set of strings with silk windings and cut them down, there’s a strong chance that the silk may be lost and you will have the main portion of the string travelling around the post, as opposed to the silk winding. These unique guitar fretboard maps are designed to work on Acoustic guitars and Electric guitars that have a 25" to 25.5" scale length, and Bass guitars that have a 34" scale length. Since bass bodies vary in thickness and the cup-like ferrules that hold the ball end of the string in place have different depths, it’s necessary to measure the lowest pitched string removed from the bass. … A "bump board," a measuring device especially designed for fish, is a necessary piece of equipment aboard a bass boat. An upright acoustic bass in a jazz quartet is a good test (this is known as a walking bassline, because the repeating bass notes sound like someone is taking a stroll down the street). Any bass caught above the quantity a vessel is authorised to land and any undersized bass … Thanks This is from TPWD Outdoor Annual page 41 How to Measure Fish Use these guidelines to measure fish correctly (total length): Place the fish on its side with the jaw closed. On a Jazz Bass (pictured) the "Scale Length" is … It makes a big difference. I am guitar player who recently purchased short scale On a bass, there are a few basses out there that can be dead straight, but generally they play a little better with a little bit of a bow, or relief, in them. Repeat this process on the low E string (for both guitars and bass … Did you get in touch with us any other way…di this get sorted? I love the feel and tone but they are all but silent unless it’s plugged in. I have an acoustic 5 string bass. VAT no. This test really separates the contenders from the pretenders. To get going, you'll need an omnidirectional mic (a cheap one like the Behringer ECM8000 can had for under £50), a stand to hold it, and an audio interface with the necessary mic … For freshwater fish, the measurements that you need to use are total length and girth. 5′ and up full size 3/4 size For cello, consideration should also be given to the student’s hand size. Set up a test microphone (or hold your smartphone) in your listening position. Knowing the girth is important when trying to certify a fish for a record, and provides useful information to biologists about the relative condition of a fish. Lay the bass flat, take a 36-inch tape measure and hold the tape measure from the nose of the fish to the tip of the tail. Hello, Making things worse is the fact that some manufacturers follow non-standard speaker sizes to better work with the dimensions of their car. The majority of bass tuning posts have open slots on the top, and at first glance, this can be confusing with new strings, because how much should you clip – especially if there are silk-wrapped ends? Full details of rules and websites are listed down below. Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network, See a full list of our Social Media accounts. It’s worth noting that these measurements are meant as a guide only. Well, here's a way to get a … Does it matter how far the frets are from one to another? Measure the full depth of the guitar as per bout depth but including the bridge. I have an Ampeg Fretless Bass guitar ( model AUB-1 ). 11 posts 1; 2; Next; measuring board holder?? Just to be sure, if you could measure the length of your Mikro bass from the ball end of the string (at the bridge) up to where it crosses the nut? Use audio-spectrum-analyzer software that runs on your computer or smartphone. It’s also worth noting that when a set of bass strings has been created solely for a specific scale length, often the thicker gauge strings will taper at a certain point so that they can be threaded through the holes in the machineheads. You’ll want to repeat these steps for the rest of your strings and the treble side of the bridge. So to convert from mm to inches, just multiply by .0393701. With its 34” scale, the Fender Player Precision Bass is typical of most other standard-size electric basses, which share its scale length. For Massachusetts marine waters minimum fish sizes are measured as total length. Hi Dan, Bass will continue not to be subject to the landings obligation. It has a bridge/membrane type pickup (sometimes referred to as he “Mystery Pickup) rather than the magnetic kind. or higher) due to the increased string tension. Measuring the appropriate size of speakers for specific car models can sometimes be tricky. 485. Thanks. These instructions also apply to Bass guitar. Also, are there preferred strings for an acoustic over Electric? Lee. If you provide us with this measurement we’ll be sure to let you know which strings will be most suited. Chest: Lift child's arms slightly and measure around the body, crossing over the fullest part of child's chest and keeping the tape parallel to the floor. We live in an apartment complex and have a rude neighboors playing his music and tv as loud as possible with a subwoffer full on right against our shared wall. Hope this helps measuring board holder?? The measurement should be taken perpendicular to the length of the fish. What do I need to buy? Going in blind with acoustic treatment is always a gamble, but we can take the guesswork out of the equation by measuring our progress with acoustic measurement software like the free Room EQ Wizard (REW). can you suggest an affordable set of strings? Retune the bass to pitch, and take another measurement to get an idea of how much farther up or down you’ll need to go. Size limits are generally based on the total length of a fish. It’s a fairly standard adjustment, however, if you are at all unsure about adjusting this, we’d highly recommend getting these things looked at by your local music shop where a guitar repairer could advise you on the best way to proceed. Hi, thanks for the informative piece. I HATE the bronze strings it came with. In our example our … 0 0. tjher25. Thanks again So if your pickups’ tone seems off, grab your multimeter and let’s get to work. I wonder if you have any knowledge of this instrument in regard to the ball-end to nut distance ? That being said, string manufacturers will create their sets specifically for certain scale length basses and often the gauges they select are carefully chosen to help give optimum performance and playability. Was I wrong in that belief? Sometimes this can’t always be helped, especially on the machineheads that sit closer to the nut). I’ll go for the medium scale set next – thanks for the fast reply and for the very clear and informative article! There are a few short-scale basses, such as the Fender Mustang, various Hofner Violin Bass … The appartment is like this: … Body Waist Width. Whether electric bass is your main instrument or you’re a guitarist who doubles on 4-string, it’s important to keep your axe in tip-top shape. Well this distance will be the minimum length your strings need to be before any silk wrap or tapering should start. How To Measure: Start by pressing the Low E String (Bass Side) down at the highest fret, and hold it while you measure. If you need any more help just send me an email at Gentle on fingertips - perfect for young children; Sounds mellow and soft - not as loud as acoustic If the shorts are a little too short, the medium scale set measures may be more suited to your needs as these measure 34″ and the long scale set measures 36 3/4″. Thanks. Ensure to read and fully understand the rules to help prevent deductions or DQs of submissions. On face value, this is a logical question, and yes this can work for some people. Gibson compensates this by tilting the neck a little backwards. *For your information; amongst some other brands D’Addario and Rotosound also use speaking lengths to categorise their bass strings. Each set has the ‘Ball end to silk’ measurement listed in there but you can use the filter down the left hand side… just scroll down for the left-hand side and locate the ‘Ball End to Silk’ filter. For instance, some tailpieces sit further back from the saddles than others, whilst some basses need to be strung through the back of the body. To test for size, sit or stand with the bass in playing position. Cheers – I wish I had read this before getting Rotosound RS88S’s on my Fender Mustang… I suppose the Rotosund Medium would be the correct fit for the Mustang, any opinion or fact for this? All freshwater Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission regulations and the Big Catch program depend on total length. It’s actually easy if you know the “two-peg” measuring method. Yup, you’re correct about that ~1 inch short of -part. Hope this helps. This might sound crazy, but we do come across instances where some strings just won’t fit through the machineheads because they’re simply too thick. Copyright 1999 - 2020 State of Florida. Below we’ve listed these 4 scale lengths along with some corresponding measurements: Short Scale – 30-32” Scale length That is how you properly measure … The lower the minimum value of your speakers frequency repsonse, the greater the ability of the equipment to process and output bass frequencies. The lower the pitch you need, the longer a string you want. If you can follow the bass notes clearly, and they are strong and impactful, that’s a very good sign. Do you know where the 28.6″ is being measured from please? So sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. A beginner bass player and just bought myself the fender mustang short scale. The wrap that winds around the core can be applied in a surprising number of ways, each one of them providing a different feel and tone. Girth is best measured with a fabric ruler, such as tailors use. Here’s a link to our Acoustic bass set range. Make more adjustments if you need to and always remember to retune the instrument before you take into account any measurements. 689983537. You end up with higher tension on the low strings and lower tension on the higher strings. I will need to order the strings seperately, as I think the La Bella 0760M-S 4-String Original 1954 Fender Style Short Scale Flatwound Bass Strings seem like a good choice, but are not offered by most guitar shops. Scale length for bass guitars can be a rather grey area due to the huge variation of basses and strings on the market today. The length of the strings, or scale, is related to the quality of tone you get from the strings. Any suggestion on string length would be much appreciated! Do you know what strings you have used on this before? Hi there, thanks for the question. This measures 33.5″ from the ball end to the top nut. I am thinking of buying an Ibanez 2018 GSRM20B Short Scale Bass Guitar – Walnut Flat.