Fish the drops or the hole just inside the bay. The best way to access the Robe River is to launch a raft or a canoe at the highway bridge and float downstream. Colors: pink, chartreuse, orange, flame red, blue, green. Valdez hosts derbies for halibut and silver salmon every year, and the prizes range from charter fishing trips to gear, to substantial amounts of cash. This puts you solidly in reach of all the salmon species, plus halibut, rockfish and lingcod. The roadside fishery in the Valdez area offers diverse freshwater and saltwater species. Derby organizers adapted the event for 2020 so anglers posted pictures to the Valdez Fish Derbies website for a chance to win cash and prizes. 7. Pink and chum salmon spawn in the streams at the head of the bay, so try trolling or casting in the stream mouth areas. This hard work and commitment to our guests has allowed Wardowest and its professional fishing guides to grow into one of the best luxury charter fishing companies in Tofino, offering a choice of accommodation in our two lodges and some of the best fishing vessels in the fleet. Rolling on toward Valdez, you enter the coastal rainforest in the Lowe River Valley before finding yourself in Valdez. Try trolling for salmon off any of the several points around the island. Valdez Arm. Salmon fishing in Valdez Alaska during the end of July and the start of August is unbeatable! Every spring, rainbow trout are released into Ruth Pond in Valdez and Blueberry Lake in Thompson Pass. Concentrate along the steep drops on both sides of the entrance. Tickets are available at local tackle shops in Valdez. Target the trough west of the headland, toward Goose Island. But it can get ugly in a hurry, with strong currents, ferocious weather, and bone-chilling icy waters. "... Bird”, guide and pilot … Use NOAA Chart #16708Amenities (Valdez): 2. Doesn't matter if your offshore charter is down because of weather and you're looking to kill some time, if you're camping out for the weekend, or if you're on vacation and looking for a place to sample some great Alaska fishing, Valdez is the place to be. Use NOAA Chart #16713. Here's an overview: 1. Columbia Bay. Port Gravina receives several freshwater streams where silvers, pinks and chum salmon spawn, so expect to find fish heading into the bay around mid-summer. We can access the shore and small beaches with a boat designed to load and unload from the bow in this crafty vessel pictured above. Saltwater charters for Silvers consistently produce limits of dime bright ocean-fresh … Access: The Lowe River parallels the Richardson Highway from the outskirts of Valdez through Keystone Canyon, offering several access points along the way. Review Highlights “Columbia glacier trip” This is our 4th time going out with Valdez Outfitters. Fish left flopping on the bank are prone to bruising. Turn left to access the Gold Creek camping area near the river's mouth. Species: Rainbow trout, grayling (stocked). Bring your coolers; you'll need them! There are lots of ways to get here, and all of them expose you to some of Alaska's most spectacular scenery. There are many locations you can go, depending on the weather. Our users also add their own spots that offer shore fishing access or are hot spots for fish. You'll find nice hotels, several RV parks with both tent and RV sites. Try your luck for shrimp along the steep drops at the entrance to the bay. Join in the excitement when the charterboats come in each evening, and watch fish being weighed in. Distance from Valdez harbor: 28.8 miles. For those wanting to maximize their time in these premium spots, overnight trips are available. Use NOAA Chart #167055. These bears are mostly acclimated to humans, however extreme caution should be exercised at all times. Driftwood may be available for firewood, but you should bring your own saw and axe. 2. As far as salmon go, silvers are the "money fish", with derbies conducted each year that feature both daily prizes and season prizes that can add up to quite a chunk of change. Use NOAA Chart #16708. Bring a variety of sizes and colors. Use NOAA Chart #16708. Access: Along the waterfront area, turn south off of Fidalgo Avenue onto Breakwater Street. Our Captain is a Valdez local and knows all the sweet spots to visit on the water. There are many things you can do to prepare for a charter trip in Alaska, that will greatly improve your comfort and enjoyment of the trip; refer to our Charterboat Fishing page for details. Chums and pinks spawn in several rivers in the area, and the silvers are headed to Lowe River and Mineral Creek, at the head of Port Valdez. Distance from Valdez: 46.7 miles (via the passage between Glacier Island and Long Bay). Snagging is legal in saltwater, and for that all you need are weighted treble hooks. Sightseeing Tours. Access: MP 2.5 of the Richardson Highway offers a turnout from which you can walk down to the river. Valdez-Cordova Census Area Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. Halibut and rockfish are found along the edges of the shelf at the mouth of the bay, and shrimping can be productive in this area. Choose the best one that fits your agenda! Valdez and Prince William Sound boasts one of the strongest Silver Salmon runs in the state. Valdez offers several fishing derbies, focusing on silver salmon and halibut. Species: King salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, silver salmon, halibut, rockfish. 3.5 hours out at about 30 knots. 153 reviews. Jim and Nancy spent many years camping and cruising in the sound, and the Cruising Guide is the only guide to all the details you need. Species: Dolly Varden. Species: King salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, silver salmon, halibut, rockfish. This is also a popular shrimping area. Valdez Narrows. In terms of sheer numbers, pink salmon head the pack. The technique is known as "flipping"; the idea is to drag your fly just off the bottom in an arc to intercept fish that are moving upriver. CLICK HERE for more information. Save. Colors: pink, chartreuse, orange, flame red, blue, green. Rods, reels, bait and tackle are all available in Valdez. Owing to the growth of various species of aquatic vegetation during the summer months and the subsequent decay cycle of these pond weeds during the fall and winter months, oxygen depletion and the loss of spawning habitat is a concern. Sizes: 4, 5, 6. Species: Chum salmon, king salmon, pink salmon, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, Dolly Varden. Take good care of your fish, and you'll have many fine meals ahead. During busy times, you may have to raft your boat up with others, so bring your bumpers and be prepared to secure your gear. Long Bay. There are several great places for kayaking, including but not limited to: Valdez … Access: MP 2.6 Richardson Highway, east along Dayville Road, past the Solomon Gulch Fish Hatchery to Allison Point. Remember that these fish are very long-lived; it takes females around 35 years to reach reproductive maturity, and the reproduction rate is relatively low, compared to other rockfish species. The Robe River is choked with brush to the banks, and access can be difficult. Jig Heads. This bay is exposed, and generally makes a poor place to anchor or camp, so pick your day. Be extra cautious in this area! Valdez averages close to 70 inches of rain a year, and 327 inches of snow during the winter months, so plan on bringing your raingear and rubber boots. If you prefer to fly, commercial flights are available from Anchorage or Fairbanks, to Pioneer Field on the outskirts of Valdez. The section of the Robe River upstream of the highway is closed to salmon fishing, however the section from the highway bridge to a point 300 feet downstream of the confluence of the Robe and Lowe River confluence is designated as a flyfishing only area for salmon. 8 assorted. In most cases, grayling are no longer stocked, but they have become established and are spawning in the wild. Herring size is important, as silvers may not take the larger sizes. Worthington Lake is above the large switchback on your right. Advance reservations recommended AT THIS LINK. Halibut and rockfish can be found along the steep drops off Iceberg Point and in Chamberlain Bay. Here's a start on some of the things you'll want to have along for your Valdez saltwater fishing trip. 10. Rockfish opportunities are somewhat limited, but salmon trolling at the mouth of the bay can pay off. Species: Chum salmon, king salmon, pink salmon, silver salmon, sockeye salmon, Dolly Varden. Squaw Bay. Stun and bleed your fish immediately, then clean it and get it on ice. Good fish care starts the moment you bring it aboard. 11. 5. Port Valdez. Use NOAA Chart #16713. Our team stands ready to enrich your next adventure, whether you are on your first trip or a seasoned veteran on the water. Fly Fishing Zen: Getting Started with Tenkara Try out this 200-year-old technique. PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND VALDEZ ARM AND PORT VALDEZ Stats: Title: PRINCE WILLIAM SOUND VALDEZ ARM AND PORT VALDEZ: Scale: 1:40000: Min Longitude-146.99: Min Latitude: 60.88: Max Longitude-146.18: Max Latitude : 61.15: Edition Label 1: 14: Edition Label 2: 1: Edition Label 3: 4: … This road takes you to the river mouth.Amenities: None, 5. Expect to find fish there in July, and through the fall. Silver and chum salmon are readily available, with silver salmon fishing picking up through the last half of the summer and into fall. Species: Pink salmon, chum salmon, silver salmon, halibut, rockfish, shrimp. The Crooked Creek Information Center and salmon viewing platform are located on the outskirts of Valdez at Mile 0.5 of the Richardson Highway. There are many hidden coves and sheltered bays that offer safe overnight anchorages, and can put you within striking distance of some outstanding shrimping and saltwater fishing opportunities. E. Wally Noerenberg Hatchery. Kayaking & Rafting. A. Solomon Gulch Hatchery. Species: Chum salmon. The primary draw here is halibut, which can sometimes be found on the rocky flats to the south. Check with the rental outfit for restrictions on how far they'll allow you to go out into the Sound. The primary shipping lane used by the tankers is marked on the nautical charts. The shoreline area near the old townsite of Valdez offers casting opportunities for all five species of salmon, along with Dolly Varden. Chances are, if you are thinking of visiting … Both organizations are nonprofits. The Valdez fishery offers too many opportunities to list all of them here, so the best we can do is to point you in the general direction, and allow room for exploration. The streams draining into Port Valdez are home to spawning salmon, and as those fish spawn and die, there is an abundant food source which halibut love. 6. The Alaska Office of Boating Safety posts an excellent checklist for boaters in Alaska's waters, which you can download  AT THIS LINK. Owing to the large quantity of ice and freshwater in the inner bay, trolling for salmon in this area will likely be both difficult and nonproductive. Size: Black Label (get the biggest you can find). Dungeness, king, and tanner crabs are found in this area, but numbers are low and the season is generally closed. Find more fishing reports in Alaska. Derby winners have been caught right in the small boat harbor, so you don't have to go on a long trip on the saltwater to take a derby fish. Valdez offers fishing options both near and far, with king, silver, pink, chum and sockeye salmon available in the bay, together with halibut, lingcod and rockfishing opportunities as well. Paul Twardock spent over 20 years kayaking in the sound, and he's documented the best campsites, recreational cabins, and kayaking routes in the area. They also build up lactic acid as they struggle, which has a negative effect on the quality of the meat. More information about this section of the Shoup Bay Trail can be found AT THIS LINK.Amenities: 12. Anchorage Municipality. Each campsite has picnic tables. Old Town Valdez. Eaglek Bay several good anchorages, and is fairly protected. This is a very rugged area, but it is possible to get to the water to fish saltwater for various species. Species: Sockeye salmon, silver salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon. Further out, halibut can be found on the outside of Hinchinbrook entrance and the edge of the Gulf of Alaska. Stun and bleed your fish immediately, then clean it and get it on ice. Pick up a copy of the Cruising Guide to Prince William Sound for details on these and many other points of interest throughout Prince William Sound. Species: Pink salmon, chum salmon, silver salmon, halibut, rockfish. And that's exactly what they've done! Size: 12/0 hook, 16 ounce or more. It's your responsibility to know where you are to avoid trespass issues. It's an excellent guidebook to the sheltered bays and inlets of the Sound, along with the best shore-based campsites. Species: King salmon, pink salmon, chum salmon, silver salmon, halibut. Do the next generation a favor by limiting your yelloweye harvest beyond the legal minimums. Drive east out of Valdez, through Keystone Canyon. Yelloweye live in deep water, and bringing one to the surface always results in overexpansion of the float bladder. Followers 15 Catches 1 Spots 0. Kenai Peninsula Borough. Several businesses in Valdez offer filleting, vacuum packing and flash freezing of your catch. Click on any name for more detailed information. For security and safety, there is a 200 yard buffer around any moving tanker, and a "no boating zone" near the oil terminal. The river is braided in this area and quite deep and swift. Kodiak Custom Tackle Skirt spinners. Oil is pumped aboard tanker ships and sent out to the Lower 48 or to refineries elsewhere. Back To All Fishing Spots From Whittier to Valdez and Cordova, Prince William Sound hosts some of the most significant salmon runs in the state of Alaska. No Activity Yet. Before crossing the creek, turn left onto Blueberry Hill Road. Served by a municipal airport, the Alaska Marine Highway, and the Richardson Highway, Valdez is available by land, by sea or by air. There are a couple of processors located in the harbor area that will vacuum pack and flash-freeze your catch for you, and provide ice for the trip home. Be advised that areas above the tide line may be private property, which may not be fenced or posted.