2. Keeping abreast of these packaging methods will give your products a better shelf life and a competitive edge in the market. Foam is not as common as other packaging methods, but is used for a variety of household items like furniture, TV’s, glass or anything else that may have sharp edges that could puncture cardboard and plastic. 4. Some companies such as Groninger & Co. GmbH with a product range of Syringe Filling Machine, Filling Line Isolators, Filling Pre-Sterilized Containers, and Vial Processing Machines etc provides Pharma packaging. In general, recyclable materials are those that can be used again after undergoing a chemical treatment and process. Aerosol spray can, blister packs, bottle 5. Durable so they are used as removal boxes or moving house boxes. Packaging can be described as a coordinated system of preparing goods for transport, warehousing, logistics, sale, and end use. •    Coating methods (oils or liquids). The Middle East represents 3% of the global demand for packaging, while Africa and Australia, each have a 2% share. The process involves chemically pulping the fibers and then bleaching it. In Asia, sales of packaging accounted for 36% of the total whereas North America and Western Europe have shares where 23% and 22% respectively. Cardboard Boxes: essential for protecting goods & products. Chipboard packaging . 1 min read In this Infographic, 10 types of packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, mailing bags etc. Ideal for transporting heavy goods and general shipping. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells. It protects the product from any potential damage that will deem the product useless. Paperboard is a paper-based material that is lightweight, yet strong. The prototypes are made by hand, assisted by light machinery for “comping” a realistic looking packaging complete with custom printing. The most common packaging methods in industries is plastic. What are the 4 types of packaging? This type of packaging is easy to use and can be recycled over and over again. Resin is extremely beneficial to... 2. There are three major packaging types: corrugated boxes, boxboard or paperboard cartons, and paper bags and sacks. Thus a good packaging system is a must. Flexible packaging is environmentally friendly as it uses less material and less wastages to make it.    •   Increased preference of plastic pouches, by consumers and retailers. We can find Pharma packaging in a wide variety of packages. Aluminum is widely used for products such as sodas, beer, canned goods and animal foods. Most products that are packaged in cardboard boxes are first wrapped in another type of packaging such as bubble wrap or foam. Boxes, cartons 6. •    Versatile. The packaging of Pharma products provides containment, drug safety, identity convenience of handling and delivery. The most common types of plastics used and their applications are illustrated in the following table: Here are the benefits of choosing plastics packaging: •    Lightweight Although this packaging is fragile, it is … Materials such as VCI bubble film, paper, oil, chips, and bags that are used as a part of anti-corrosive packaging helps to prevent goods from exposing to various climate zones. This is understandable as shippers seek efficient, but inexpensive and lightweight packaging. Because of the high cost of using aluminum to package products, most industries take donations of recycled canned goods to help save money in their business. What are the types of packaging?    •   Increased investment in food processing and production in China Resin is mainly used with items such as soda and egg trays. In addition to the above types of packaging paper grades, we can provide customized solutions for all of your paper requirements. Contact us or send your queries and requirements to [email protected] and a member of our team will be in touch with a bespoke, cost-effective solution. SBS is the highest grade and most popular grade for box packaging in North America. Poly bags. Plastics Packaging is used for packaging a variety of items i.e. Three main objectives of packaging are: 1. •    Finally, lighter-weight flexible packages result in less transportation-related energy and fossil fuel consumption, and environmental pollution. Uniformity, cleanliness and other requirements are needed to maintain Good Manufacturing Practices. If your industry is planning on cardboard becoming the main packaging method, it is ideal to invest in a taping machine to insure you and the customer that the package is sealed tightly with no chance of it falling out during the delivery. Please fill the all required fields....!! Foam used … Source: Packaging Strategies (packagingstrategies.com) As a summary, here are the 7 types of packaging: Paperboard (folding carton) boxes (commonly used in cosmetics/medical) •    Durable The most common packaging methods in industries is plastic.    •   Developments in the field of polymer science It's a good idea to label any plain glass jars or use glass transfers to help you identify the contents. •    Improvements in productions processes have reduced water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas and emissions and volatile organic compounds. •    Tertiary packaging. •    Cost-effective Even though the foam is the main part to the packaging, cardboard is normally used after to encase the product and foam so it all stays compact. Packaging Definition: The Packaging refers to all those activities related to designing, evaluating and producing the container for a product.Simply, the box-like container, wherein the product is stored to protect it from any physical damage and at the same time attracting the customer through its appeal is called as packaging.    •   Increased urbanization and growing young population The major role of pharmaceutical packaging is to provide life-saving drugs, surgical devices, blood and blood products, nutraceuticals, powders, liquid and dosage forms, solid and semisolid dosage forms. Foil sealed bags. •   Changing consumer habits Food Packaging . are shown that are used in different purposes. Whether you’re in the food business, clothes manufacturing or you’re in the technology industry, packaging is crucial. Everything concerning the various types of packaging in common usage: Folding cartons (paperboard boxes), rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, stand-up pouches (flexible packaging), bottles, displays, POP (point of purchase displays) etc. Some common packaging purposes include shock protection, liquid containment and security or marketing priorities. Innovative packaging designs can also maximize the profitability of the product. After primary packaging, there is need of one another layer of packaging, we call it secondary packaging. Packaging ensures the protection of the products that are meant to be distributed in the market for the purpose of sale, storage, use etc. Packaging also refers to the process of designing, evaluating, and producing packages. Adopting these packaging methods can draw attention to latest trends to attract the consumers. Packaging is very essential to every and to any type of industry. Different types of products require different types of packaging. All aspects of food production, including packaging, are tightly controlled and have regulatory requirements. CLEATED PLYWOOD BOXES. Glass – is frequently used for preserved foods such as jams and honey. Before we dive into the different types of packaging and the role they play within manufacturing, it’s important to define some common terms related to packaging materials. There are multiple types of films used in the packaging industry, most commonly polyethylene... Sheet Foam Packaging. Resin is extremely beneficial to packaging companies as it it can be created to be rigid or flexible depending on what is going to be placed inside the package. This market segmentation is expected to change significantly by the end of 2018 as Asia is predicted to represent over 40% of global demand. Bubble Wraps: safe … Cardboard.    •   Increased use of home and personal care products Several companies including VCORR Packsys Pvt. Some of the common primary packages are: •    Blister packs Secondary Packaging: Examples: Cartoons, Labels, Boxes etc. fragile or non-perishable products. 5. Packaging lines may have a variety of equipment types: integration of automated systems can be a challenge. Protection: The basic objective of packaging for industrial goods such as components and machinery is to protect the product while in transit. FIBREBOARD BOXES (CARDBOARD BOXES) The most common economical container for shipping continues to be the cardboard box. Different methods used for Pharma packaging are: •    Primary Packaging Defining Packaging & Labeling with Visual Metaphors. Our industry lives and breathes paperboard. Plastic boxes. This kind of packaging is involved in dosing, dispensing etc. Because of the... 3. Packaging fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the more important steps in the long and complicated journey from grower to consumer. you're here, check out our informative and insightful article. But packaging for consumer goods has a broader aim. There are 4 types of packaging: 1. of cars Let’s check them out, shall we? Aluminum is widely used for products such as sodas, beer, canned goods and animal foods. Preservation Packaging: The Packages designed to preserve the product for later use for example, Jars, Cans, aluminum containers, silver sheets, cartons, glass jars, plastic bottles, foam and other types of product packages that are used to protect the contents of the product and the food items. Different types of packaging methods are: Anti-corrosion refers to the protection of metal surfaces from corroding in high-risk (corrosive) environments. Without packing, these sophisticated goods with low shelf life will be easily affected by climatic conditions and eventually result in their malfunction or destruction. Methods used for Anti-corrosive packaging are: •    Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) Papers and Films Bags, crates, hampers, baskets, cartons, bulk Thank you for your interest in publishing article with Packaging-Labelling. What are examples of software packages? Our client success team member will get in touch with you shortly to take this ahead. •    Storing metallic goods for extended periods of time packaging. •    CKD shipment e.g. Glass is also used for consumable goods such as sodas, beer and wine. According to the report ‘The Future of Global Packaging to 2022’, the demand for packaging will grow steadily at 2.9% to reach $980 billion in 2022. With all that versatility, it’s not surprising that there are many types—or grades—of paperboard to choose from, each with different prosperities, […]